let me rant for a bit…

i’m not from HR or payroll so please stop bugging me about why your salaries are lower than expected. i too expected a lower salary and from what i understand, with the new system for our payroll etc. this is bound to happen. so let’s take our beef and issues to HR on monday because as of this time, no one can answer any of our questions.

for now, let’s be happy that at least we still got paid even if it wasn’t what we expected.

be all bitchy and complain come monday please? and definitely not at me since we’re all in the same boat here.

rant over.


i think chicken sopas will be one of the menu tomorrow for lunch and dinner.

and i’m blaming the weather for this craving and urge to cook. (especially for hubby and the kiddos)

happy weekend!

365 love letters

i have been collecting the starbucks planners since forever. i have all of them. it had became a pre christmas tradition to collect them. bonus points since i’m a heavy coffee drinker.

my past planners have been filled with meeting schedules, notes, my log in for the day and some thoughts that aren’t worthy of a blog post since it’s too personal.

but this year, i decided to put a little spin and personality to this sough after planner.

the planner will hold 365 love letters to my hubby. something different. something special that will serve as a physical evidence of who we are as a couple. although i can’t guarantee that the contents will be all mushy and cheesy. there will be some posts that most likely i will rant and even get mad at him, but it does not mean that the love is not there.

i gave the planner to him this morning and told him to read the entries even if it only had 23 entries. when he hands it to me tonight, i shall add 2 more for him.

not being too selfish and self centered, i gave him some dates where he can reciprocate, write his own love letter to me. a big feat for him since he’s not the type who writes and expresses himself through written words and feelings. and he’s up to the challenge.

and imagine, when my kids get their hands on this when they’re older, they’ll go and saw how crazy their parents are.

but secretly i hope they get to do that as well with their own wives even if we’re living in the digital age where hand written letters are a thing of the past. 🙂

birthdays are always fun!

this will be k2’s birthday party in school. and who’s the excited mommy? I AM!!

mini cupcakes for his mini celebration in school during recess have been ordered and will be picked up thursday night. just in time for friday’s party!

invitations sent out to his classmates. which his uncle (my brother) made with some photoshop magic. 🙂

i sure hope hubby can come to the party as well even if he’s coding on a friday. this is in fact his son’s first bday party ever. 🙂

photos of the bday party will be posted soon! (hey it’s not even friday yet! )


i will be a protective mother hen with the fierceness of a tigress when someone tries to bypass how i manage my household, raise my kids and manager our finances.

no one has the right in my book to dictate anything who is under our employ without my consent or consultation for that matter. hubby and i will always have the final say.

i just need to get this issue off my chest because one of the things i hate the most is undermining my ability as a parent and as a wife on how to run my household. age and tenure does not mean a thing if from the very start your own family is messed up. so please try to avoid messing mine.

rant over


my first contribution to Kerol and her sister’s blog. i was asked to write for them, share some insights about being a woman, a wife, a friend and everything in between.

i also consider myself as a non domestic diva.

click on the title to go to their site

I wasn’t prepared for motherhood.

When P and I were still dating, both at a very young age of 23, both climbing the corporate ladder and establishing our careers in sales, P for an FMCG, while I was working for an local online portal in sales. The thought of being parents never crossed our minds. We were enjoying the moment of going out on impromptu road trips, dates after work, getting piss drunk and not worrying about it the next day. That time, we were living the “perfect” life.

I never imagined myself being a mom. I had this idea that I would marry when I turn 30, with a well compensated job and maybe 1 kid. But then fate took a different course (not that I’m blaming fate), in 2004, I found out I was pregnant. The moment I saw those to pink lines I didn’t know what to do. I could not fathom the idea that at the age of 23, I was going to be a mom. I was still childish. I didn’t have a 5 year plan, long term goals and all that adult stuff. I lived in the moment.

How could I be a mom this young? I didn’t have any domestic skills at all. I can’t even cook a decent meal, I hated the thought of washing and ironing clothes, cleaning the house was literally a chore. What more, taking care of an infant? It took me the whole pregnancy to deal with these issues. I was scared, worried. Sure, I had taken care of my younger brothers when they were babies, but this was totally different, this person will come from me. I can’t hand the baby over to somebody else when there’s something wrong.

Everyday I was drowning in emotions. I was happy because I’ll have a baby, worried how can I take care of the baby when I don’t have any mommy instincts in me, depressed how can P and I provide for this baby? Seems like all the things mentioned in the book What to Expect, I went through.

The moment I was able to hold my son in my arms for the first time it felt like a motherhood switch was turned on. It felt like I finally knew what to do. It felt like I was meant to be a mom. Maybe I was one of the lucky ones to feel the motherhood vibe, that Johnson and Johnson mommy – child bonding, with tears rolling down the cheeks. Cheesy, but it’s true.

I wasn’t prepared for motherhood and being a mom, but I wasn’t prepared for the surprise that all the while I had it in me to be a mom. My son just had to turn on that switch. And after three wonderful kids, it feels like I have been doing this forever.


ok, first off i’m not pregnant.

it was such great news to see in my facebook inbox that one of our good friends will be parents around september. it was confirmed this morning and our facebook inbox have been overflowing with messages – funny that we’re online almost everyday haha!

it all started with us (hubby and i) having babies (we started with 1 and now we have 3) before everyone else in the group started having their own babies! but it ended with us getting married in church. well, we still have one bachelor in the group, our tomcat (if you’re familiar with the movie) who’s still out there waiting for the ONE. 🙂

now our get togethers over dinner include babies and our kids running around the house. and of course an early start to these gatherings since we now have bedtimes to think about.

i’m just happy hearing news like these especially from the people who have been a great part of our lives.

congrats kids! and i can’t wait to see the little one in september or october 🙂

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