why i don’t wear dresses

hands down i’m not the type to be caught wearing dresses on regular days. i’d wear dresses if the occasion calls for it (read: formal functions like weddings) if not, you’ll see me in jeans, jeans jeans.

but i don’t hate it to the point that i’d set the dress on fire if i come a few feet near it. it just don’t feel like wearing one. i do own a few pairs stashed in my closet, but they rarely see broad daylight.

one reason why i don’t wear dresses that often? i have this huge insecurity about showing off my legs. seeing some girls with skinny legs (hello insecurity!) makes me feel a bit sad. admittedly i am one of those girls who fall into the category of big boned. big bones = bigger legs. sad.

reason number 2: i feel that my skin isn’t that dewy or flawless enough to show off. don’t get me wrong, i don’t have any flaws or scars on my legs. being cooped up inside jeans every single day has its advantages too. i’ve been blessed as well from past pregnancies to have lesser hair growth on my legs. seems like after every shave or depilatories, some of the hair refuses to grow back. yay for me! haha

reason number 3: i don’t have nice shoes to match. how shallow! harhar.

reason number 4: floral doesn’t look good on me. especially if it’s head to toe floral. i can only wear floral tops period.

and i’ve run out of reasons.

maybe one day, you’ll find me in one of the rarest occasions wearing one. and maybe still wearing my chucks. imagine that, a mom of three in a dress with chucks.

that’s a nice thought. maybe i should check some of my dresses…

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