a new toy

nothing makes me happy than having new toys! and the latest addition to my collection:

i have been itching to purchase a lomo cam, but for now, this will do. i’m saving up for the real thing: with film and all plus the other trimmings that go with it.

one test shot from the new toy:

from the office

let’s see how this fares once we go on our trip to HK this sunday! woohoo!

motherhood 101

one thing a mother dreads but has to go through is dealing with sick kids.

and that’s how my weekend went. caring for the eldest, K1 and the youngest, K3. draining and tiring would be an understatement.

k3 was a-ok even if he was running a 38 degree fever. appetite was still up, he was still active and noisy. we even had a small bonding moment with bubbles while k1 was sleeping.

now k1, was a different story. we’ll know for sure if something’s wrong with him, he’ll be all cooped up in his favorite sofa with his favorite pillow. what was scary was he was running an almost 40 degree fever. thank god he wasn’t convulsing. he was just, “limp” so to speak. my heart was breaking just seeing him there on the couch. he was only taking in water and gatorade. no appetite at all.

good thing come evening, fever went down to 38 degrees and from there, he was able to stand up, talk, and even watch a few cartoons.

the best part of this ordeal, come sunday, we were back to regular programming. the house was noisy again. my mom was complaining of the mess, the running up and down the stairs, the crying. it’s good to be home 🙂

and i couldn’t thank k2, who has been mommy’s helper even in his own little way. he’d rather focus on his trains than be bothered with his 2 sick brothers. oh, 4 year olds. 🙂

now i’m praying that this week would be fever free, cough and flu free. and i mean that for hubby and i.

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