30 things before 30

i’ve got 8 months to go before i hit 30. and be placed in another age group. (oh lord!)

so i thought one night before going to bed, why not come up with something to do before i turn 30? what can 30 things can i do before turning another year older? some may be too shallow, some may be a bit materialistic, but hey, dreaming is free.

and so, here’s the list:

1. travel abroad – got that covered! leaving for HK on the 27th yay!
2. get advanced courses on jewelry making.
3. get into a sport (this will be a challenge)
4. get into a fitness routine. plana forma vs barre 3?
5. read 1 book a week
6. weekly habit of studying with the boys, especially kyle to prepare him for the big school.
7. travel within the philippines. explore your own country yo!
8. expand my cooking skills
9. update my wardrobe
10. start a new hobby
11. conquer my fear of heights
12. save up 1k every payday or more if budget permits
13. wear heels once a week
14. laugh more
15. bond with my parents more
16. organize my desk in the office
17. clean out my cabinet. let go of the old clothes, the ones that don’t fit anymore.
18. be more active in the kid’s PTA
19. be more firm with the nannies.
20. buy a new watch
30. get a tattoo (even just a small one) teehee!

i still have a long way to go, hence the blank spaces on the list. i might even add something i’ve never done before but just did.


my perfect bookshelf would be like this:

and how perfect it would be. now if i can amass that much books before this lifetime. (that perfect apartment isn’t so bad as well)

photo credit: http://sweethomestyle.tumblr.com/

post secret

i’m so tempted to send in my secret but then again, it’s so hard sharing a piece of you to others even if it’s anonymous.

i’m just very sensitive when it comes to how i take care of my kids.

i’d like to learn from my own mistakes. i don’t need anyone pointing it out to my face.

motherhood and parenting is never perfect. when parenting and motherhood becomes perfect then life would be utterly boring.

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