review: zen asia spa

hubby and i have been into massages lately. and we’re always on the hunt for good deals and great service. good thing i remembered one of my closets friends way back in college owns a spa near our place. so hubby and i decided to check it out.

we dropped by their spa around 1030 in the evening. surprisingly, they’re still open. we had to wait around 20 minutes for our turn since there were a lot of customers even at that time. (by the way, their spa is open until 6am!)

hubby got the 60mins shiatsu massage to relieve the pain on his lower back. i initially wanted to get a mani pedi and foot spa until i saw that they have this slimming and anti-cellulite massage. interesting. so i tried that.

bad move on my part. i didn’t know that this type of massage would hurt like hell. it was a deep tissue massage that will try to eliminate those annoying cellulite especially on the thighs and legs. i had to grin and bear the pain in the hopes that my cellulite would fade if not totally disappear (but we know cellulite’s hereditary, right?)

over all, it was an experience. i may not get the same massage as before, but i’m still going back to try the other services.

what i loved:
– the availability. imagine getting a massage at 11pm.
– they also do home service and spa-parties
– attendants are well mannered, and strictly observes silence at all times.
– the attendants will brief you on the massage (she did tell me it will hurt a bit, i didn’t imagine the “a bit” part was a gentle way of saying it will hurt like hell)
– price wise, it was money well spent, my massage cost P 380.00 good for 1 hour, hubby’s was P280.00

what i disliked:
– the spa was beside a car wash. although it was late in the night, it was weird that there was this one car that was very noisy. you know those racing cars that have those annoying sound when the rev up their engines. that one.

Zen Asia Spa
Dayap cor. Bautista st.
Makati City (near buendia)
5527313, 09178258225

for the bookworm in you

good reads indeed!

thanks to an office colleague, i have discovered Good Reads . it’s a site where you can take inventory of all the books you have at home, categorized into books you have read, planning to read and books you want to have. there’s even an app called book challenge where you can challenge yourself on how many books you plan to read for the year. i challenged myself to read 25 books for the year and so far, i’ve read 3 books already. but i haven’t taken into consideration the other books yet. 🙂

aside from these cool features, each time you get to tag a book as read, you can add your review, rate the book, share it with your friends. there’s also a part where you input the date you started reading the book up to the day you finished it. and just like my officemate, you can even do a review on the pages you have actually read! and your friends can comment on each book review!


it’s a digital inventory of books! and you get to find new friends and fellow bookworms in the process!

and of course, you can and you will discover books from their growing lists!

and did i mention that there are also book giveaways? (sad though that some are only limited to the US & UK, but i am hopeful that there will be those few instances that we can join 🙂

now all i need is to check all my books at home and input them at but it’s more fun looking for new books!

good find: loafers/boat shoes

i love looking at shoes, other people’s shoes to be exact. i love the feeling of getting envious and hoping to own a pair just like theirs, especially if they’re heels since almost everyone knows that i’m the biggest klutz on heels. and i walk like a boy wearing heels.

but i digress. this morning while i was checking my blog feeds, i read Kikay Exchange’s post about these shoes. and just like her, i feel in love with them as well.

i’ve been hunting for cute boat shoes and this one fits to a T. design and of course the price. less than 1k for a cute pair. 🙂

now all i need is to decide which color.

hello navy blue


hello grey

or both? eek!


visit: flirteshoes

foodie: chicken in mushroom sauce

we got tired of the usual afritada viand so i decided to tweak the recipe a bit by using cream of mushroom soup instead of the usual tomato sauce.

apologies since this post has no photos. i totally forgot to take photos when i was making the recipe.

chicken – up to you what parts you want. 🙂
1 pack knorr cream of mushroom soup. (i use 2 packs since we consume 1kilo of chicken at home) – dissolved in a bowl of hot water.
garlic minced
bell peppers if you want
string beans if you want.
salt & pepper to taste.

how to do it:

saute the garlic and onions
add the chicken and cook until brown (i add maggi magic sarap as extra flavor)
once the chicken is cooked, add the cream of mushroom soup
if you find the sauce a bit thick to your liking, add a half cup of water
add the veggies
simmer until veggies are soft
season with salt & pepper (taste test! woohoo!)

and you’re ready to serve!

this recipe got a seal of approval from my mom and my picky eater hubby. a hit with the kids as well since it has chicken and mushroom soup in it. 🙂

a mother’s dilemma

k1 actually asked if we can watch Justin Beiber’s movie last night. conversation goes:

k1: mommy can we watch justin beiber’s movie?
me: are you sure?
k1: yes. i’d like to watch it.
me: why?
k1: just because
me: can you watch alone?
k1: am i allowed to? i’m just turning 6
me: i don’t like justin beiber
k1: it’s just a movie mommy

oo nga naman. toink.

my son actually has a point and i have no choice but to endure an hour or so watching him. but all for the love of my son and his curiosity. we’ll see.

i’m still praying he’ll forget about it and settle on watching it on dvd instead. LOL!

note to self

must have pen and notebook beside my pillows at night in case some random though or blog post pops up before i shut my eyes to sleep.

currently lost around 4 thoughts last night. and i feel bad for letting them go.

Foodie: Chicboy

hubby and i discovered a new place to eat during those late night drives on the way home. the usual time we leave the office is around 8-830. so dinner time is much later than the usual folk.

it’s a good thing (and a blessing too) that in our area, there are some places that are open 24/7 (yay!)

one discovery would be chicboy. at first we thought that the place was along the lines of the dencios, the gerry’s the grillas. but it stops there. what makes this place absolutely amazing is the price!

here’s proof: our whole meal of lechon sisig, sinigang na salmon and 2 plain rice costs us only P165.00!!

P165.00 for a full meal!

how’s that for amazing! here’s a copy of our receipt.

1. lechon sisig with egg; P90.00
2. sinigang na salmon: P
3. 2 plain rice: P
4. service water: free


hubby ordered another lumpiang hubad which would then make our bill more or less than P200.00!

this is great value for our money!

and for a fact, the food was quite satisfying. 🙂 and of course, this is great as well for those nights after drinking with friends.

for more info you can visit: (which is under the pier one group of companies by the way)

Travels: Hong Kong

thanks to Cebu Pacific’s seat sale last January, hubby and i were able to book a flight to Hong Kong in timr for his 30th birthday. how posh is that? he gets to celebrate his big 3-0 in HK! now i want to spend mine in Vietnam/Cambodia! (still waiting for that seat sale)

but for now, here are some photos:

waiting for check in

almost there

trains to immigration (how posh!)

temple street

nathan rd.

hello ocean park!

hello panda!

cable car ride

the view at the peak

avenue of the stars facing hong kong island

MTR going home to TST

last dinner at temple st.

still hooked

from my previous post on mystery case files, well i’m happy to report that i’m still hooked with the game albeit with the longer time to look for the hidden objects.

i try to sneak in a few game time in between work especially when things get a little stressful. and it helps.

once i finish with madame fate, i’m moving on with the other games. yay!

that girl

i’m currently on the second installment of the Millenium Series, not familiar? mayber you heard about The Girl with the dragon tattoo.


i won’t give a detailed book review since i’m not that type who’ll go into the nitty gritty of how book reviews should be.

my overall assessment: the plot was superb. the climax leaves you breathless. and throughout reading the book, you’ll be working those brain cells thinking: “who is it then” (if you haven’t read the book yet, don’t worry, i won’t spoil you).

how steig larsson described lisbeth salander made me work my imagination. and i recently found out there was a swedish movie based on the book. and surprise, the actor they got to play the role of lisbeth was perfect to a T.

oh lisbeth

halfway done with the second book

so far so good

and i must say, i’m quite hooked! i’m targetting this week to be able to finish the book and by then i can watch the movies.

i still like lisbeth no matter what. i have a soft spot for those non conformists and those who are not afraid to stand up for themselves even if people think you’re too weird and socially unacceptable.

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