my plana forma experience: day 1 & 2

a brief background about Plana Forma from articles & blog entries from divasoria: The Forma Experience

And Alexei Villaraza’s Interview with the Plana Forma team as posted in and How i got my groove back

Now for my own experience. Take note that i am still on my day 2 of my Plana Forma “training”.

Day 1 & 2:

arrived a bit early, too early for my 730pm class. was there around 5pm (how’s that for an early bird) because a meeting with a client was cancelled. since i was in the area already and high street was too far to walk, i decided to just hang out and wait out the time.

the ever efficient receptionist suggested that i join the 645 class instead so that i don’t have to wait longer. i said why not?

The Workout

55 minutes of intense workout. we started with leg raises, weights (light and heavy) to tone the muscles. pulses, curls. 8 counts, 10 counts.

and that was just the warm up.

we were then subjected to the next workout. the thighs. which i have come to love and hate. love because you can actually feel the burn while doing the leg raises, stretches. hate, because the effects after are not funny at all. shaking legs, pain when going up and down the stairs (more on that later).

the part that i love, the abs workout. it was intense. and by the way, allthroughout the workout, you’re supposed to tighten your abs, square your hips, push out your tailbone and stand firm on the ground, feet few inches apart (if standing is required).

there were no breaks in between. reason for such is that to keep the muscles working to the point of exhaustion. but after each set, there were stretching involved.

the best part that i loved? the cool down where we do yoga poses to relax, wind down and slowly relax the muscles.

The Assessment:

After my first work out, the next day i could feel the burn in my thighs. come saturday & sunday, it was HELL. it was a struggle to go up and down the stairs, sit down, stand up, even go to the bathroom. my arms felt like weights were still hanging off me. my thighs were crying out in pain. my kids (k1 to be exact) had to help me stand up from where i was sitting.

every leg movement to just walk was a pain.

but hubby’s encouraging words were motivation enough for me to go back to class. which i did yesterday. as of this writing, the pain on the legs tolerable. but i can feel the burn in my back and abs area.

i think last night’s class focused more on the abs and back. but the thighs were never neglected.

let’s see how day 3 would fare. i have another class tomorrow at 645. 🙂

here’s to more days where i can see myself with a flat tummy (wishing for abs would be too much for now), toned arms, and lean thighs. 🙂

haven't tried this pose yet. soon, hopefully!


i’m still searching for a worthy before photo. so please bear with me.

watch out for my post on day 3 hopefully by tomorrow 🙂



to know more about Plana Forma, visit their site:


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2 Responses to my plana forma experience: day 1 & 2

  1. Van Cornel says:

    Ang payat mo naman eh as far as i can remember…bakit kelangan mo pa nito?! 🙂 gusto ko din itry..alam ko kelangan ko to! 😀

    • haze says:

      hay naku van, kung makikita mo ako ngayon, di na ako yung payat na alam mo hahahaha! saka gusto ko lang naman magka-abs 🙂 at mawala ng onti ang fats sa aking legs. napintasan ako ng tita ko na ang laki daw ng legs ko. wth di ba? 🙂

      go! try mo! 🙂 wala naman mawawala eh

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