that girl

i’m currently on the second installment of the Millenium Series, not familiar? mayber you heard about The Girl with the dragon tattoo.


i won’t give a detailed book review since i’m not that type who’ll go into the nitty gritty of how book reviews should be.

my overall assessment: the plot was superb. the climax leaves you breathless. and throughout reading the book, you’ll be working those brain cells thinking: “who is it then” (if you haven’t read the book yet, don’t worry, i won’t spoil you).

how steig larsson described lisbeth salander made me work my imagination. and i recently found out there was a swedish movie based on the book. and surprise, the actor they got to play the role of lisbeth was perfect to a T.

oh lisbeth

halfway done with the second book

so far so good

and i must say, i’m quite hooked! i’m targetting this week to be able to finish the book and by then i can watch the movies.

i still like lisbeth no matter what. i have a soft spot for those non conformists and those who are not afraid to stand up for themselves even if people think you’re too weird and socially unacceptable.

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4 Responses to that girl

  1. Yeah, the books are amazing, makes me proud to be Swedish! The swedish films are great as well, especially Noomi Rapace who plays Lisbeth Salander. American film-versions of the books are currently being made as well, it will be interesting to see what they make of it and to see how Lisbeth is portayed compared to the Swedish version.

    • haze says:

      hey! thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 i have yet to see the swedish movie but i’m sure it’s going to be awesome. i might lower my expectations with the american version though 🙂

  2. van cornel says:

    yaggie!! (balik na sa yaggie..parang awkward sakin pala ang hazel..hehehe)

    may nabasa ako na may ginawang teleserye .. “Donde este Elisa?” based on that book.. the girl with a dragon tattoo

    • haze says:

      ah talaga? may link ka ba dyan? hehe pero aabangan ko muna yung swedish version ng movie. hehe

      uy magkita naman tayo. madalas akong nasa greenbelt. 🙂

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