Foodie: Chicboy

hubby and i discovered a new place to eat during those late night drives on the way home. the usual time we leave the office is around 8-830. so dinner time is much later than the usual folk.

it’s a good thing (and a blessing too) that in our area, there are some places that are open 24/7 (yay!)

one discovery would be chicboy. at first we thought that the place was along the lines of the dencios, the gerry’s the grillas. but it stops there. what makes this place absolutely amazing is the price!

here’s proof: our whole meal of lechon sisig, sinigang na salmon and 2 plain rice costs us only P165.00!!

P165.00 for a full meal!

how’s that for amazing! here’s a copy of our receipt.

1. lechon sisig with egg; P90.00
2. sinigang na salmon: P
3. 2 plain rice: P
4. service water: free


hubby ordered another lumpiang hubad which would then make our bill more or less than P200.00!

this is great value for our money!

and for a fact, the food was quite satisfying. 🙂 and of course, this is great as well for those nights after drinking with friends.

for more info you can visit: (which is under the pier one group of companies by the way)

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One Response to Foodie: Chicboy

  1. Juan William says:

    The appropriate adjective for our chicboy experience is: disappointing. grabe 45mins kami pinaantay sa reheated na lechon liempo…tapos yung chicken inasal nga lang pagserve, dugo-dugo pa…hay the lechon was too oily too….

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