a mother’s dilemma

k1 actually asked if we can watch Justin Beiber’s movie last night. conversation goes:

k1: mommy can we watch justin beiber’s movie?
me: are you sure?
k1: yes. i’d like to watch it.
me: why?
k1: just because
me: can you watch alone?
k1: am i allowed to? i’m just turning 6
me: i don’t like justin beiber
k1: it’s just a movie mommy

oo nga naman. toink.

my son actually has a point and i have no choice but to endure an hour or so watching him. but all for the love of my son and his curiosity. we’ll see.

i’m still praying he’ll forget about it and settle on watching it on dvd instead. LOL!


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5 Responses to a mother’s dilemma

  1. van cornel says:

    hay..yaggie..ayoko kay justin bieber pero pinanunood ko kasi i promised a friend who is a fan that i would watch.. šŸ˜€

    oks namn..mostly documentary on who helped him to reach this stardom..tapos believe it or not may part dun naiyak ako..kasi he goes out of his way to make some of his die hard fans happy.. šŸ˜€

    • haze says:

      magtitiis na lang siguro ako. pero i have this feeling na since docu siya, di ito maeenjoy ni kyle hehe šŸ˜› iniisip kasi niya parang manonood lang siya ng music video ni JB. hehe

      at napansin ko lang mali pala ang spelling ng surname nya, pero kebs na haha!

      • van cornel says:

        kaw tlga..daming rason..ayaw mo lang tlga eh.. šŸ˜€

        may concert keme dun yaggie.. šŸ˜€ so kinda may music video na din in a way..plus pinakita dun kung gaano ka-workaholic si bieber kaya siya sumikat..kung ano tlga gusto niya..yun ang ginawa niya…so i hope mainspire ang anak mo.. šŸ˜€

      • haze says:

        nakakaloka ka! hahaha šŸ˜› are you trying to convert me to like him? šŸ˜› chos! tignan na lang natin kung maalala pa niya. šŸ™‚

  2. van cornel says:

    ay wrong grammar.. he went out of his way***

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