mommy tales: planning the family outing

hubby and i decided that it’s time for the 3ks to experience an out of town beach trip. this would serve as k1 & k2’s reward for being such great kids in school.

but then, it frustrates me to no end that this early, almost a month away from our planned dates, the resorts i called up are already fully booked! the horror for an OC mom who plans everything down to the last letter.

one month in advance? sheesh!

ok, we have to factor in that it is the summer season. and i guess, people are becoming more un-spontaneous (if that’s a word) in terms of going to the beach. and the locations we wanted are in fact, resorts so, chances are high that they will get booked. cheap or expensive they may be.

but i am still optimistic and hopeful that within this week, we’ll be able to book a place. and i guess that means i have to channel the secret on this.

time to prepare the “list” then. 🙂

good luck on planning your family’s summer outing! 🙂

Foodie: I’m Angus Steak House

hubby and i had an impromptu dinner last night. he had been intrigued by the restaurant for quite some time. and last night, he couldn’t contain it any longer. we decided to try it out.

i warned him that the place looks like a fine dining place. and it was.

we were the only customers last night. so all the attention was on us.

here’s the interior of the place. (the smoking area)

homey for a fine dining place

hubby and i ordered: clam chowder for the soup. because all our meals, soups are required.

clam chowder. so good!

it was so good! although their clam chowder had veggies in it, we were happy. it was creamy, generous amount of clams (plus points)

we also ordered their shrimp salad. which was a bit of a disappointment since there were only 3 pieces of shrimp in the salad. i also enjoyed the asparagus, which again, were only 3 stalks. it was a small serving of salad placed in a big serving dish.

see the 3 pcs of shrimp?

and for the main course, hubby and i ordered the angus burger. we requested to have the burger split into 2 (because we love to share our food hehe). bad move since we were charged extra P80.00 for splitting the burger.

yummy burger!

our burgers came with a side of fries and a piece of onion ring. 🙂

over all, it was a pleasant experience if not for the price of the food. but you can’t blame the place since they serve angus beef flown in from the US.

total bill was around P 1500.00 plus vat and service charge.

if you plan to go and try out the place, be prepared to shell out around P1000 per person for a full meal, not counting the drinks though. steaks go for about P800+ and up depending on the cut. but believe me, the price will be all worth it. 🙂

cute wall

I’m Angus Steak House
7431 Yakal Street, San Antonio Village,
Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel: (63) 892.6206
F: (63) 892-9271

weekly challenge #2: drink lots of water

i’m notorious for not taking in fluids that much. give me coffee and i’m good for the day. at least i’ve lessened my intake of colas, since it made me feel more bloated than ever.

so for this week, i challenged myself (since officemate has bailed out on said challenge) to drink more water. the most that i can take in a day is just 1 bottle (i can hear gasping!) and so, i bought 1.5L of water. and made sure i finished it today.

and i did!

although with the “lunod” feeling after. plus the fact i went to the CR every 10 mins, like i was pregnant again. it’s crazy! but, the upside, i don’t get hungry every 2 hours. and hopefully, my increase in water intake would make me more healthier. 🙂 and they say, taking in water helps flush out the toxins and make your skin glow (i’m also taking vitamin e capsules to help my dry skin especially on my legs) and healthier.

yesterday, i was able to finish the whole pitcher of water, thanks to the heat.

this is one challenge i’m willing to continue. 🙂

snaps: hello mr. fireman :)

and the blue boots

hello mr. fireman kade. 🙂

weekly challenge #1: wear heels

i created this weekly challenge to well, inspire me to try new things or things that i’m too apprehensive to try/do. this was inspired from one of the conversations i had with an officemate. in a way he challenged me to come to work wearing heels. i’m notorious in wearing flats or sneakers day in and day out.

so challenge accepted.

today i “unearthed” one of my heels. paired it with a striped tank top & jeans – which i was able to wear again after so long! 🙂 i wore this last wednesday btw.

striped tank top, jeans & heels

the shoes c/o SM Parisian

and as additional motivation; my beatles charm bracelet.

the beatles charm

hubby complimented me saying, he likes seeing me this girly and hopefully he gets to see more.

now i’m thinking of the next challenge for next week. (wearing a dress would be too soon ok?) baby steps for now.

* kerol if you’re reading this, this is how i look like now after Plana Forma. 🙂 nakakapag sleeveless na ulit! haha!

a family beach getaway

hubby and i have been on the lookout for a summer getaway with the kids. somewhere in batangas would be ideal since long trips does not suit well (for now) with K2 & K3 since they still suffer from motion sickness (which i am to blame for this, they got it from me – i overcame this when i was in highschool, but i still suffer bouts sometimes)

we’re also looking for resorts that include meals already aside from accommodations.

i’ve emailed a few options to hubby since it’s up to him to decide (budget wise).

this summer beach trip is a promise to the kids since they got top marks this school year. a great reward for them. and of course, a first time for them to go to the beach!

and an excuse for myself to finally enjoy the sun. sand and waves after a long time.

crossing my fingers and toes for this!

Dream Journal #1: Uncle J & Lola H

i dreamt about uncle J & lola H while having another dream (very inception-ish, i was having a dream within a dream)

the scene suddenly shifted to an old house. i saw uncle j (who had passed away, uncle j is one of mama’s younger brothers).

uncle j approached me and told me: ” kung ano man yung iniisip ni mama mo, ok lang yun, wag siya mag-alala” (whatever your mama’s thinking about, it’s ok, she need not worry)

then he said he’s going home, as he approached the door, someone opened the door, it was my lola H, she saw me and she was smiling at me.

end of the dream.

i told mama about the dream, and weirdly enough, she was thinking about something and it seemed that uncle j was sending a message to her through me. and somehow when mama got the message, she felt assured.

but she felt bad that lola H made her presence felt again in my dream instead of hers.

i guess that day mama also offered a mass and prayer for them too as a way of her thanks to them.

and i suddenly missed my lola H.

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