The Plana Forma Experience

i’m on my last 2 days of my unlimited monthly package with Plana Forma and i’m here to testify that this workout actually works!

it is true that you will see results if you go to class 3x or 4x a week, but in my case i came to class 2x a week since that’s how my schedule allows it.

so what changes have i noticed?

1. pants are significantly loose. before Plana Forma, i would actually have to loosen up my pants a bit, adjust the waist so that my belly wouldn’t get “squished”. yes, i had flabs on my belly, it’s annoying. i actually looked bloated. it felt like i came from an eat-all-you-can buffet and stuffed myself silly. but now, i actually have to use belts to hold my pants in or else people would get a view of my butt crack. LOL!

i’m proud to say i have lost a few inches off my waist/tummy area. (i have to check though the exact inches i lost, after my last class this saturday and if fate would allow it, on sunday as well).

2. i don’t binge eat anymore. before class, my last meal would be lunch, i’d grab coffee around 3pm for the usual coffee break. and that’s it, i’m off to class. after class dinner would usually consist of bread, sometimes pasta, i’ve avoided rice during dinner (except on weekends-which is cheat day)

3. i don’t wheeze after a warm up. i don’t get breathless anymore, breathing has been well, a breeze. but the sweating was extreme. i guess this was my body’s way of eliminating all those bad toxins in me. i don’t complain. i’m happy that i get to sweat a lot, that means, my body’s working very very hard. 🙂

4. i can finally feel muscles on my arms! not the usual jiggly-jelly feeling. but i need to upgrade the weights i use since i don’t feel the burn anymore.

5. i can see those sexy ankles forming! woohoo!

6. i may have the guts to wear shorts soon! another month of working those thighs and they’re ready to see the light of day! LOL! (that’s where 80% of my fat goes, the 20% evenly distributed in the tummy and arms)

7. i feel more healthier. 🙂

i don’t think i can post after pictures yet, i need another month to see more visible physical changes before i can share with the world my full body photo. but i am happy that given a month’s time, the workout was proven effective. if only i can go to class 4x a week maybe i may have the abs, the slender, toned arms and legs worthy to be shown off.

and yes, i will be back for more Plana Forma workouts. Here’s to April!

a big big thanks to Celine and Van for the “punishments” during class. you two are the best! ❤

visit their site to know more:
Plana Forma


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5 Responses to The Plana Forma Experience

  1. van cornel says:

    yaggie!!!! im super duper mega inggit!!!! 😀 GUSTO KO TLGA!!!!

    i know i can avail of the services online..pero ang super problem ko is how to get there by commute.. 😦 galing akong work tapos direcho dyan every weekend..pano ba san ba yan?!??! hindi kasi ako familiar sa mckinley eh… 😦

    help namn please..i want to try that for a month! 🙂

    ps. nakita ko pala si TIN tapos sabi ko sa kanya gusto ko yang ginagawa mo..sabi niya naku vanessa malayo yan… 😀

    • haze says:

      madali lang pumunta dun. nasa likod lang siya ng essensa na condo 🙂 may map naman dun sa website nila 🙂

      game! avail na. (sakto may refer a friend sila, sabihin mo ako nag refer sa iyo. kailangan ko ng discount sa next class ko hahahaha ang honest ko masyado noh? :P)

      what time ba pasok mo pag weekdays? pwede kita i meet sa ayala tapos samahan kita papunta dun 😀

      mahirap talaga pag commute, ako usually cab from office papunta dun. or pag swerte nakikisabay sa ofc mates hehe balitaan mo na lang ako agad. text mo ko. email mo sa akin number mo: hazel.yago.hung at gmail dot com 😀

      • van cornel says:

        ang pasok ko eh 8PM to puwede ako after shift or before shift.. 🙂 pero maganda sana eh weekend. 🙂

        anyway…sige sabihan kita.. i-email ko sayo number mo.. 🙂

  2. van cornel says:

    ay yaggie..dito pala ako work rufino gitna ng kahabaan ng ayala.. 🙂 yung dating pinupuntahan na building pag may sale ang sure alam ni peter itong building namin..hehehehe 😀

    tama bako you can avail of the services online via cc..tama? 😀

    • haze says:

      di ko lang sure kung pwede na online pero as far as i know pwede cc pero you have to pay sa studio 😀 i suggest try mo muna yung single class (P650 per class pero may promo na buy 1 take 1, pag nagustuhan mo saka ka mag avail na nung 1 month unlimited package nila)

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