a family beach getaway

hubby and i have been on the lookout for a summer getaway with the kids. somewhere in batangas would be ideal since long trips does not suit well (for now) with K2 & K3 since they still suffer from motion sickness (which i am to blame for this, they got it from me – i overcame this when i was in highschool, but i still suffer bouts sometimes)

we’re also looking for resorts that include meals already aside from accommodations.

i’ve emailed a few options to hubby since it’s up to him to decide (budget wise).

this summer beach trip is a promise to the kids since they got top marks this school year. a great reward for them. and of course, a first time for them to go to the beach!

and an excuse for myself to finally enjoy the sun. sand and waves after a long time.

crossing my fingers and toes for this!


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