weekly challenge #2: drink lots of water

i’m notorious for not taking in fluids that much. give me coffee and i’m good for the day. at least i’ve lessened my intake of colas, since it made me feel more bloated than ever.

so for this week, i challenged myself (since officemate has bailed out on said challenge) to drink more water. the most that i can take in a day is just 1 bottle (i can hear gasping!) and so, i bought 1.5L of water. and made sure i finished it today.

and i did!

although with the “lunod” feeling after. plus the fact i went to the CR every 10 mins, like i was pregnant again. it’s crazy! but, the upside, i don’t get hungry every 2 hours. and hopefully, my increase in water intake would make me more healthier. 🙂 and they say, taking in water helps flush out the toxins and make your skin glow (i’m also taking vitamin e capsules to help my dry skin especially on my legs) and healthier.

yesterday, i was able to finish the whole pitcher of water, thanks to the heat.

this is one challenge i’m willing to continue. 🙂


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