Foodie: I’m Angus Steak House

hubby and i had an impromptu dinner last night. he had been intrigued by the restaurant for quite some time. and last night, he couldn’t contain it any longer. we decided to try it out.

i warned him that the place looks like a fine dining place. and it was.

we were the only customers last night. so all the attention was on us.

here’s the interior of the place. (the smoking area)

homey for a fine dining place

hubby and i ordered: clam chowder for the soup. because all our meals, soups are required.

clam chowder. so good!

it was so good! although their clam chowder had veggies in it, we were happy. it was creamy, generous amount of clams (plus points)

we also ordered their shrimp salad. which was a bit of a disappointment since there were only 3 pieces of shrimp in the salad. i also enjoyed the asparagus, which again, were only 3 stalks. it was a small serving of salad placed in a big serving dish.

see the 3 pcs of shrimp?

and for the main course, hubby and i ordered the angus burger. we requested to have the burger split into 2 (because we love to share our food hehe). bad move since we were charged extra P80.00 for splitting the burger.

yummy burger!

our burgers came with a side of fries and a piece of onion ring. πŸ™‚

over all, it was a pleasant experience if not for the price of the food. but you can’t blame the place since they serve angus beef flown in from the US.

total bill was around P 1500.00 plus vat and service charge.

if you plan to go and try out the place, be prepared to shell out around P1000 per person for a full meal, not counting the drinks though. steaks go for about P800+ and up depending on the cut. but believe me, the price will be all worth it. πŸ™‚

cute wall

I’m Angus Steak House
7431 Yakal Street, San Antonio Village,
Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel: (63) 892.6206
F: (63) 892-9271


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2 Responses to Foodie: I’m Angus Steak House

  1. van cornel says:

    ANG MAHAL! πŸ™‚ pero mukha namn natuwa kayo eh. πŸ™‚

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