Love, Actually

I’m a total sucker for Rom-Com (romance comedies). The mere fact that love and laughter can actually work in a movie works just fine for me. plus points if the movie gives the lovey warm fuzzy feeling inside of certain scenes and makes you laugh at the same time.

One of the movies that earned a spot on my list would be Love, Actually. whoever thought of a movie where several characters are connected in one story is brilliant. each character has a story of it’s own, but overall, it blends into this one great movie.

Love, Actually ❀

i won’t go into the nitty gritty of being this movie review person which i am not. so, i’ll go into the bits that i love;

1. it’s british
2. majority of the characters are my favorites.
3. british humor is different and in its own element.
4. the soundtrack helps too
5. and how each character struggles with the actual idea of LOVE.

so yeah, count me in as one of the romantic saps in the world. tough cookie, but soft and gooey on the inside.

how about you, what’s your favorite rom-com movie?

discoveries: tiger print nail polish!

what a fun tutorial! πŸ™‚ plus the fact i love tigers!

Tiger print tutorial


sorry can’t embed the video. function not allowed. 😦

not following directions

ok, i fully admit that it was my fault why K1 wasn’t able to get a perfect score in his reading activity in school yesterday.

maybe i was tired from taking care of a sick hubby, rowdy 2 year old, jealous middle child and the basic demands of our household.

the assignment asked to provide 5 pictures of ANIMALS with medial vowel sounds. what did i do? i included FAN and PEN in the pictures when instead i should have provided pictures of a CAT and a HEN.

so i got an SMS from my mom saying K1 was devastated and disappointed because of the score he got, he was also worried that he won’t be able to get his happy slips* and lose his chance of collecting 10 slips and get his reward from my mom.

my fault son, i promise not to do this again. i shall follow instructions and read and remember them carefully.

now that’s a lesson in following directions. LOL

*happy slips are slips provided by the teacher for good behavior, following instructions, returning reply slips on time etc. basically being good in school.

life’s little surprises

i just love life’s little surprises. like yesterday, hubby and i were worried that our weekly “allowance” won’t last until friday. due to some unexpected expenses for the kids, we had to dig into our weekly allowance. (our weekly allowance by the way is our money for food & transportation for the week, the rest of the money goes into savings or expenses for the kids).

so unfortunately, we fell short. i was on the verge of tears that morning.

but then, a little surprise came. our yaya w, was cleaning the room and i asked her of she can hand over the paper bag which holds our files from the wedding last year. i was also able toΒ  find the OR from K1’s enrollment.

i noticed 3 sealed envelopes. typical of greeting cards. so i opened each and what do you know, a surprise! 3 unopened gifts from the wedding with cash! it was a pleasant surprise indeed.

cards with money

i thanked God for the help to let us get by for the week and to be able to buy more things for the kids that they need for the week. 90% of the funds were for the kids and the rest were to fund hubby and my expense for 2 days.

so, better check those sealed envelopes, you might fins a little surprise for yourself. πŸ™‚

mommy the worrywart

today was a worryfest. my mom just sms’d me that k1 isn’t home yet (time check 1:33pm). he’s usually home around 12:30 or earlier depending on the traffic. so i am now in major worry mode. i’ve sms’d the owner of their school bus service asking what’s the reason why he isn’t home yet. thank goodness she replies fast, i was informed that since classes was already suspended this 12 noon, they gathered all their wards for the morning shift and brought everybody home.

photo credit: the download page

but then, they have to battle with the traffic and the rain.

rainy day
photo credit: Fira Saturn

and now all i worry about is k1 not having his lunch yet, tired, hungry and sleepy from an early day in school. hopefully i get another sms before 2 telling me he’s home safe.

now i’m planning things he’ll pack for school in case situations like these happen again. aside from his usual morning snack, i think it’s best to include an “emergency” food stash in his lunch box in case he gets home after lunch.

what a tiring week

so here’s how last week went;

had to go on leave, yaya j had to go home to tend to her sick child who was bit by a rat/mouse near their place. how that happened, i still have no idea. the whole day was dedicated to the kids. i was at their “mercy”. but i didn’t complain, this is one moment where i gladly took my role as super mommy. πŸ™‚


back to work. had to prepare and schedule meetings for the week. a major presentation is in the works the next day. prepared vehicles to bring us to and from the office. had to review, double and triple check a client’s website for launch in august. tons of emails responded.


the dreaded presentation. arrived in the office past 830 and only to find out that the client we’re presenting to decided to go on sick leave that day. and informed everyone a few hours before the scheduled presentation. bummer. so, make the most of the day and continue pending tasks for the week. again, reviewed client’s website for launch. checked back end programming for the content. still can’t figure out why some entries aren’t appearing. meeting with a new client around 3pm at edsa shang. free coffee care of client at heat. i am not complaining. πŸ™‚


another meeting for the day. and a press event in the afternoon. this was actually the highlight of my day. i can go on and on with the “lootbag”. literally a bag was given and it was Lock and Lock! oh joy!! i’ll prepare another blog entry for this event. πŸ™‚ after work, our team decided to meet at our boss’ house to wind down and sort of send off one of our team mates, who decided to leave Summit for greener pastures. it was fun until i got the call from our boss that i HAVE to be in a meeting the next day, 9am to be exact since she can’t make it. i was bummed for a bit since that meant i have to leave earlier, and lessen the alcohol. hubby and i left at exactly 12 midnight.


woke up with a pounding headache. blaming the tequila shots and vodka shots plus the 4 glasses i had of johnny black. arrived in the office at 745 am. arrived in the client’s office at 9am. it was a good meeting, if only the client’s needs were for my department. saving grace would be the fact that they are interested in digital ads, but not for now. still waiting for that campaign brief from client.

saturday & sunday:

was family day. enough said. not thinking about work for the coming week and being able to catch up on sleep with my kids always makes our weekends better.

how was your week so far?

foodie: milk teas and teas

i’m not much of a tea drinker, when i first heard of green tea and had a taste of it, it was dislike at first taste. i didn’t know at that time that green tea can be infused with other flavors.

another tea drink i never had love at first taste was milk tea. i’m blaming the british for this, tea mixed with milk was just off. but then, i changed my mind when i was introduced to those milk tea kiosks found all over the metro. (milk tea is the new froyo).

and what a pleasant surprise that a small kiosk opened here in the office canteen. called “infini-tea”. so i gave it a go. i tried their hokkaido milk tea with pearls but failed in comparison to Serenitea. taste wise, it was ok, but what threw it off the bat was the pearls. it was a mess, it didn’t blend well with the milk tea and it had this weird after taste. so the next time i ordered the hokkaido, i took out the pearls. another discovery and growing addiction is their fruit teas. they use green tea as the base and add flavors. of course i had to try and loved up to this day their lychee fruit teas. i’ve been ordering it everyday since last week.

i think choosing tea drinks over the usual sodas is the best option. and i heard about the benefits of teas in the body. so, there’s nothing to lose. and i’ve sort of given up sodas. i can’t even finish a glass of it, unlike before. so, yay for healthy choices!

but on those days when i need a more powerful kick, i’d still prefer my usual cup of coffee. πŸ™‚


Infinitea is located at Robinsons Cybergate 3
teas cost around P40 – P60 pearls and other add ons are at P10

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