foodie: bonchon date

it’s no doubt that my family loves chicken. fry it, add soup and noodles to it, bake it etc. as long as it’s chicken, we’re up for it.

i’ve been hearing about people raving about Bonchon Chicken a few months already, and finding out hubby’s basketball team is called, Team Bonchon, i guess it’s a sign to finally try it out. so one weekday, hubby, K1 and i trooped to greenbelt 1 after shopping for K1’s things.

hello bonchon!

it was love at first bite. the skin was crunchy all throughout. we ordered the soy chicken, hubby tried the spicy variety. according to him it wasn’t that spicy. can’t blame him, he has chili sauce flowing through his veins. so what’s not spicy to him may be the right kind of spice to some. the chicken meat itself was juicy and tender, but i was hoping that the same taste of the skin would seep in to the skin. but over all, it was a delightful meal. 2 pcs of either wings or drumstick wouldn’t be enough so i suggest to order the 6pcs instead of the rice meal. (we were playing safe that time since it was our first time, now we know what to order the next time we drop by).

our meal

as for k1’s review, he loved every bit of the chicken! this is a kid’s dream come true for fried chicken! i’m sure my boys would love to eat here. 🙂 he also enjoyed the squid which he’s still in denial that what he ate was indeed squid. he still insists it was chicken, chicken popcorns what he said.

ready for my chicken!

the greenbelt branch wasn’t that big though, so big families like us would feel a little cramped and kids under the age of 5 would have a hard time “roaming” around. but hey, there’s the take out option or head over to their ayala triangle branch and have a picnic with the family in the park.

overall, my family and i would definitely come back here.

Bonchon Chicken Branches:

10am to 10pm daily

Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 10pm
Friday to Saturday: 10am to 11pm

Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 9pm
Friday to Saturday: 10am to 10pm

10am to 10pm daily

like their FB page too!

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One Response to foodie: bonchon date

  1. Interesting restaurant; unfortunately, there’s no Bonchon Chicken in Cebu. I’ll surely visit this place if I get to Manila this year. 🙂

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