things we love

1. cold sheets on a rainy night, blanket shared with 2 little boys
2. new words said by k3
3. ym conversations with good & real friends no matter how mundane, senseless.
4. ym conversations with hubby on those rare days when his work isn’t too hectic
5. noise cancelling earphones.
6. pockets of time to watch series while doing a deck or concept for a client.
7. breaks with officemates
8. news of good friends getting married
9. incubus’ new album
10. the perfect weather: right amount of clouds, a bit windy.

things that save me from insanity on certain days. the list goes on but for now, this suffices.

what are the things you love?


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One Response to things we love

  1. van cornel says:

    ako…isa..sleeping through a rainy saturday morning.. 🙂

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