mommy the worrywart

today was a worryfest. my mom just sms’d me that k1 isn’t home yet (time check 1:33pm). he’s usually home around 12:30 or earlier depending on the traffic. so i am now in major worry mode. i’ve sms’d the owner of their school bus service asking what’s the reason why he isn’t home yet. thank goodness she replies fast, i was informed that since classes was already suspended this 12 noon, they gathered all their wards for the morning shift and brought everybody home.

photo credit: the download page

but then, they have to battle with the traffic and the rain.

rainy day
photo credit: Fira Saturn

and now all i worry about is k1 not having his lunch yet, tired, hungry and sleepy from an early day in school. hopefully i get another sms before 2 telling me he’s home safe.

now i’m planning things he’ll pack for school in case situations like these happen again. aside from his usual morning snack, i think it’s best to include an “emergency” food stash in his lunch box in case he gets home after lunch.


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