life’s little surprises

i just love life’s little surprises. like yesterday, hubby and i were worried that our weekly “allowance” won’t last until friday. due to some unexpected expenses for the kids, we had to dig into our weekly allowance. (our weekly allowance by the way is our money for food & transportation for the week, the rest of the money goes into savings or expenses for the kids).

so unfortunately, we fell short. i was on the verge of tears that morning.

but then, a little surprise came. our yaya w, was cleaning the room and i asked her of she can hand over the paper bag which holds our files from the wedding last year. i was also able to  find the OR from K1’s enrollment.

i noticed 3 sealed envelopes. typical of greeting cards. so i opened each and what do you know, a surprise! 3 unopened gifts from the wedding with cash! it was a pleasant surprise indeed.

cards with money

i thanked God for the help to let us get by for the week and to be able to buy more things for the kids that they need for the week. 90% of the funds were for the kids and the rest were to fund hubby and my expense for 2 days.

so, better check those sealed envelopes, you might fins a little surprise for yourself. 🙂


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