not following directions

ok, i fully admit that it was my fault why K1 wasn’t able to get a perfect score in his reading activity in school yesterday.

maybe i was tired from taking care of a sick hubby, rowdy 2 year old, jealous middle child and the basic demands of our household.

the assignment asked to provide 5 pictures of ANIMALS with medial vowel sounds. what did i do? i included FAN and PEN in the pictures when instead i should have provided pictures of a CAT and a HEN.

so i got an SMS from my mom saying K1 was devastated and disappointed because of the score he got, he was also worried that he won’t be able to get his happy slips* and lose his chance of collecting 10 slips and get his reward from my mom.

my fault son, i promise not to do this again. i shall follow instructions and read and remember them carefully.

now that’s a lesson in following directions. LOL

*happy slips are slips provided by the teacher for good behavior, following instructions, returning reply slips on time etc. basically being good in school.


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