A new challenge

this is my Day 1 of the 30 day blog challenge.

Everyday we face new challenges, whether from work or in life. today i accepted a challenge, to come up with daily blog entries for 30 days. i must admit, this is quite difficult for me since i don’t have the luxury of updating my blog on a daily basis. i may come up with excuses such as i don’t have daily content, i’m too preoccupied with work and the demands of my clients, i didn’t bring my camera to upload photos. the excuses are endless.

but i chose to aviod those. i must come up with content for my blog for this month.

and since day 1 begins today, i need your good vibes and happy thoughts to be able to finish this challenge. i’m sure there’s a lot to blog about especially how we run our household, raise our kids and life in general. it’s all a matter of time management and those precious pockets of time. instead of scrolling through my twitter or facebook feeds, why not allot 5-10 minutes in creating a new blog post?

and i say to this, challenge accepted.

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