Happy like a little girl

because of this:

i got in! woo!

i guess every single potterhead have been dying of excitement for this digital version/follow up of the ever famous Harry Potter series.

and i’m just giddy as a school girl being able to guess the clue, register, and get my account validated. now all i have to do is wait until october. 🙂

a rainy tuesday

day 2 of my 30 day blog challenge

it’s a blessing when you get to ride to the office with hubby on this rainy tuesday morning. 🙂 good thing he has a meeting near my office. at least i don’t get to go to work all wet and in a bad mood.

and it’s good to know that the kids are safe at home and having fun 🙂 (which i am dying of envy)

rainy window

photo credit: rainy days
visit the blog too for some rainy day ideas/goodies. now i’m craving for some champorado!
stay safe peeps! 🙂

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