One Sunday afternoon

this is my Day 3 entry for the 30 day blog challenge.

One of the worst things that mothers hate is seeing their child sick. the amount of worry and paranoid thoughts are enough to make one go crazy (ok that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but mothers will get this).

Last Sunday, K1 was a bit quiet and down. but this was a bit unusual since it lasted until after lunch. we thought he wasn’t feeling well because of his colds. but upon asking him what’s bothering him, we found out that his right ear was bothering him. painful and it feels like when he talks, he’s talking to himself (his exact words). right then and there, hubby and i decided to bring him to the hospital to have him checked.

we brought him to the ER of Makati Medical Center, the nearest hospital to our place and where his pedia holds her clinic.

good thing on a sunday afternoom there weren’t long lines so we were accommodated. i’m just so proud of K1 for being brave and being able to tell the doctors what he was feeling. plus points as well to the pedia ER team for being kid friendly (they’re supposed to be, right?). after several checks on his throat, ears and nose, we found out he has an ear infection due to his colds and cough. k1 was given atibiotics, pain reliever and decongestant to relieve the pain in his ear. i felt bad that he has to go through a lot of medicines to ease and eliminate the pain in his ear, but i heard not a single complaint from him.

side story: since we were in the ER, on our way to the Pedia ER section, from the critical area, k1 and i witnessed a dead person being wheeled to the morgue (i’m assuming it’s being wheeled there). it was scary, seeing a person covered in white cloth from head to toe being wheeled out of an emergency area. i had to explain to k1 what we saw, although i can not explain to him what happened to the person since we weren’t there to see why the person died. now i have to prepare my speech on death, when one of these days he starts asking questions.

after our check up, it was good to know that k1 was still in high sprits, he even asked hubby to buy him burger from BK before we went home. he was still up to go out and have his haircut (hubby and k1’s bonding session) and have dinner with the family.

overall it was a good sunday for the family even with k1 and his ear infection.

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