a little reward never hurt

day 6 of the 30 day blog challenge

one form of motivation that we implement in our house to get the kids encouraged to study is giving rewards. but our rewards are given on the condition that they get a perfect score in their weekly tests or for good behavior.

good job!

now, before some parents here would shake their heads and say, we put too much pressure on our kids to get perfect grades, let me make this clear that this condition was suggested by our son, K1. we sat down with him, asked him to get his reward, what does he need to do, is this a reward for good behavior? waking up early? finishing his milk, drinking it in a cup or eliminating the diaper at night(that’s another blog post). it was he who suggested that in order for him to get the best reward, he has to give us good grades.

so we agreed. we also give little rewards in terms of praises and words of encouragement for every good deed. such as turning off the light after going to the potty, helping their brothers out, packing away their toys (this merits the biggest praise of all especially if i don’t ask them to pack away their toys!)

and as of this writing, we’re on to the next list of rewards since k1 was able to give 12 perfect scores in his weekly tests. now all he needs is to wait for my mom to give him a new toy! 🙂 now hubby and i have to think a great reward for him too!

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