What’s in a name?

day 5 of the 30 day blog challenge

As parents, we go through a long list of potential baby names for our unborn children, names that we hope would match their personalities as they grow up. Plus the fact that their first names should match their last names (or was i the only one thinking that?)

Growing up, i had ideas, thoughts on how my parents came to name me as such. were they fond of hazelnut? did they see a beautiful hazelnut tree? so one day i asked my mom how she came up with my name. the reason i got wasn’t one of the things i imagined and expected. i dreamed of a grand and fabulous reason, but all i got was: “i just browsed a list of names from a baby book, and i saw that name and i liked it”

that simple.

and it occurred to me now that it was indeed simple. for my kids, i came prepared, each kid has a reason why they were named such (but we’ll leave that a secret) 🙂

but hey, i love my name, i never intend to change it. and suits me quite well. i was named after a nut. i can officially say i am nutty/nuts because i was named such. 🙂

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