not your domestic diva

day 8 of the 30 day blog challenge

dishes on the sink. not good.

photo credit: Apartment Therapy

i have no patience in cleaning at all. i am no domestic diva. i am not your typical housewife. let me list some reasons:

1. i am a certified pack rat – i keep things that have sentimental value to me in different areas in our room. from receipts from movies to restaurants. i love to keep all my kid’s artworks/doodles. some clothes that don’t fit me anymore still has a place in my cabinet. trinkets and unfinished jewelry pieces are kept in a box. do i have to list all? LOL

2. cleaning was never my forte. especially dishes. i don’t like the feeling of after washing the dishes the scent from soap and leftover food still lingers in my fingers. and the thought of throwing out leftover food. tsk.

3. i initially hated cooking. frying food in particular. but this aspect changed a bit when one day my mom literally stopped cooking one weekend. i had no choice but to do the cooking myself or see my family starve. and that’s not a happy picture.

4. i’m a sneezing mess when i clean our room. it only validates the fact that i got my allergic rhinitis from being “forced” to clean when i was in my teens.

5. the only joy i get from cleaning is when i clean the bathroom. i’m weird that way, let everything be messy except the bathroom! and after cleaning, i get to spend more time with a long shower. 🙂

i’m just happy that hubby is my total counterpart. he’d gladly oblige to clean up after (on certain days you need a little prodding though) but he gets the job done.

but i think, i might have to change this soon, or else my kids would think their mom is a total slob. maybe i just got comfortable with the fact that we’re still living with my parents so the convenience of knowing someone will clean up after you is there. but once we get our own place, it’s time to turn on the OC machine and make sure the whole house is tidy – especially the bathrooms. 🙂

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