Attachment Parenting: 10 Phrases to make a better parent

day 10 of the 30 day blog challenge

like peanut butter to jelly 🙂

i was browsing though attachment parenting sites and found this site quite interesting. Attached Family. and resources about attachment parenting is quite interesting. i didn’t even realize that some parenting skills i had is based on attachment parenting.

(i for one, prefer to have my kids sleep in one bed with us for as long as possible, that’s how clingy i am to my kids).

anyway, sharing a few tips on how to be a better parent to our kids without being too negative:

10 Phrases to make a better parent

some snippets from the article:

INSTEAD OF: You’re a bad boy
TRY: What did you learn from this

this one helps a lot as it addresses the bad behavior and not telling the kid he’s the one who’s bad. helps also in making him think of what he did wrong.

INSTEAD OF: Oh no! Look what you have done!
TRY: It really won’t matter 5 years from now. I’ll show you how to fix it.

instead of showing the child that their efforts is near impossible, why not create some options or just help out?

or if all else fails, a hug or saying i love you is the best option. works everytime!

this is quite a fun read since, i love being hands on with my kids. raising them on my own beliefs and strategies and not just some traditions and old wives tales. it also helps that it fosters critical thinking for the kids at an early age. i am also a firm believer in independence, in trying out things before you decide if you like it or not – making decisions on your own and owning up to mistakes if that decision didn’t give positive results.

and so far, the kids have been doing well, in terms of independence. it’s the mom, who’s having a hard time letting go. 😛

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