Who’s Yagie?

why yagie? if you know me well enough, you’ll know that this was my nickname in highschool. remember those times when you and your friends give nicknames to each other? yagie was my nickname. it was taken from my maiden name, made it to sound cuter(i know, we were in highschool remember?) and it just stuck.

my nickname went through different variations, from yagie it evolved into: yags, yagster, yagogo, yagiedoodles, etc etc.

of course after college, i decided to be more mature and grown up and used my name. but close friends would still call me yagie.

so, what do you need to know about me?

I’ve been blogging (on and off) since 2002 but i can’t remember my first blog url. (sad).

i blog about my kids, being a mom and random things that interest me. i blog because i love to write down my thoughts, i’m not after the page views, the number of comments, the rankings, i’m not even after the title “blogger”. i’m just here to write, in my little space on the web.

some random facts then?

– i think 10x faster than i type, hence the frustration in writing. but i try to be a good writer.
– i love the smell of books, new and old
– my 3 boys and hubby mean the world to me. nothing comes second to them
– i practically live in jeans, shirt and my 2 pairs of chucks. but i try to be girly sometimes.
– yes, i am a mom to three very active boys
– i let go of all the drama just last year. i didn’t realize i carried all those baggage with me.
– i’m having the time of my life with my work.
– i’m allergic to math 🙂
– i love to read anything and everything, but i have a soft spot for fiction, especially young adult.
– i sometimes have conversations with myself. (just in my head ok)
– i dream in vivid colors
– i’m a frustrated cook, but i’m getting there.
– i wish we own an oven at home.
– i’m a certified pack rat, especially if the things have sentimental value.
– i may know a lot of people, but i only have a handful of close and treasured friends that know me in and out.
– i may come off as a snob, (i’m blaming my eternally knotted forehead – as if always in deep thought or a scowl) but i’m totally the opposite. don’t let my eyebrows fool you. 🙂 i’m the most approachable person on earth 🙂

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