snaps: wish i was here. again

day 12 of the 30 day blog challenge

when will i come back?

lights by the harbor

i think i need a little trip away from things.

A glimpse of Greece: Grace Hotel – Santorini, Greece

When Ssowy shared a link about this breathtaking boutique hotel in Santorini Greece, i immediately sent the link to hubby with the email subject: ” pagiipunan natin ito!

It was beautiful. for one, it’s in Santorini Greece, one of the places i wish to travel to before i die. Two, it’s a hotel on top of a mountain with a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea, and mind blowing sunsets.

Here’s the link to the original blog post: Grace Hotel – Santorini

And of course, the photos:

what a view!

imagine a sunset view

a pool of your own - infinity pool by the way

champagne by the pool? why not?!

This place will definitely be added to our travel bucket list. even if it takes us to get there when we’re old and grey. but better if we get there during the prime of our lives (40’s). Or a second honeymoon for our 25th wedding anniversary!

Grace Santorini Official Website:

a little beach time, sort of

not the laiya i know

this was my first time to join hubby on his company outing. and it was not what i expected.

1. we left manila on saturday around 5 pm. arrived at laiya batangas at 9pm. things that happened in between:
– missing the exit on SLEX, but thankfully, SLEX is now connected to Star Toll so we sort of didn’t miss our exit.
– getting lost around rosario, batangas and getting to experience one of the scariest night drives in my life. i’m just thankful that i don’t have a fully opened third eye. the path we got lost in was, “loaded” with elementals.
– finally arriving at the resort.

2. the resort. at least i was able to manage my expectations because, the laiya that i know of wasn’t this one. it was more of those budget resorts with cottages, black-brown sand and the water was a bit murky.

3. the wrath of the karaoke machine. i was finally able to get some sleep around 3am since all we did there was drink. but then someone had to turn on the karaoke at full blast at 630 am. hello headache & hangover.

but over all, it wasn’t the beach i was after. i was finally able to bond with his staff, get to know them better and finally show them i’m not a scary person. (they think i’m mataray)

and of course, i get to spend time with hubby, out of town and without the kids. 🙂

mommy tales: planning the family outing

hubby and i decided that it’s time for the 3ks to experience an out of town beach trip. this would serve as k1 & k2’s reward for being such great kids in school.

but then, it frustrates me to no end that this early, almost a month away from our planned dates, the resorts i called up are already fully booked! the horror for an OC mom who plans everything down to the last letter.

one month in advance? sheesh!

ok, we have to factor in that it is the summer season. and i guess, people are becoming more un-spontaneous (if that’s a word) in terms of going to the beach. and the locations we wanted are in fact, resorts so, chances are high that they will get booked. cheap or expensive they may be.

but i am still optimistic and hopeful that within this week, we’ll be able to book a place. and i guess that means i have to channel the secret on this.

time to prepare the “list” then. 🙂

good luck on planning your family’s summer outing! 🙂

Travels: Hong Kong

thanks to Cebu Pacific’s seat sale last January, hubby and i were able to book a flight to Hong Kong in timr for his 30th birthday. how posh is that? he gets to celebrate his big 3-0 in HK! now i want to spend mine in Vietnam/Cambodia! (still waiting for that seat sale)

but for now, here are some photos:

waiting for check in

almost there

trains to immigration (how posh!)

temple street

nathan rd.

hello ocean park!

hello panda!

cable car ride

the view at the peak

avenue of the stars facing hong kong island

MTR going home to TST

last dinner at temple st.

watch lust

i’ve been recently lusting over watches since i saw that hubby’s kenneth cole watch suffered abroken glass. (so sad, we don’t know who did it but i think it was one of the boys who accidentally dropped it).

and so my search for watches began.

here are some that i’ve been drooling over. (fyi, i’m more inclined to men’s watches because of the bigger watch faces)

just because i like purple. 🙂 simple. functional.


very manly until you see the colors of the numbers. cute!

now this is the one i’m truly lusting over. *drool* how pretty manly is that? 🙂

but in the meantime, here’s what i’m sporting now since i had to “retire” hubby’s watch.

side story:  i’ve been looking for this watch ever since. i was also lusting over the star wars x lego watches but sadly i only saw the darth maul available. i wanted yoda, the stormtrooper or luke skywalker. but they were out of stock in hong kong (i bought it at the airport before our departure)

and i only realized that the one i got was for kids aged 6+ how hilarious!

but hey, i’m still a kid at heart 🙂

P8 jeepney fare

i totally forgot that the jeepney fare is P8 that friday night on the way home. i gave manong driver P7, he asked if i was a student, i said no. he gave me a bewildered look. until i realized i lacked P1 from my fare. i quickly apologized and gave him the P1.

i shook my head in disbelief. how could i forget? i’ve been commuting ever since! every morning at that!

i must have been too preoccupied with the day’s meetings. and one of the longest i had with a client. 2pm -630pm renaming photos. sku numbers, trying to resize more photos. and we weren’t halfway done.

what a way to end a friday night. little miss absent minded.

i hope this never happens again.

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