hey! i’m still alive! LOL! but quite busy that i had to pause blogging (again, for the nth time).

but will be back soonest!

on another blog break

i have to go on another blog break to reset some things going on. and i will continue the remaining days of my 30 day blog challenge.

counting down to 23 days before the big 3-0! 🙂


Love, Actually

I’m a total sucker for Rom-Com (romance comedies). The mere fact that love and laughter can actually work in a movie works just fine for me. plus points if the movie gives the lovey warm fuzzy feeling inside of certain scenes and makes you laugh at the same time.

One of the movies that earned a spot on my list would be Love, Actually. whoever thought of a movie where several characters are connected in one story is brilliant. each character has a story of it’s own, but overall, it blends into this one great movie.

Love, Actually ❤

i won’t go into the nitty gritty of being this movie review person which i am not. so, i’ll go into the bits that i love;

1. it’s british
2. majority of the characters are my favorites.
3. british humor is different and in its own element.
4. the soundtrack helps too
5. and how each character struggles with the actual idea of LOVE.

so yeah, count me in as one of the romantic saps in the world. tough cookie, but soft and gooey on the inside.

how about you, what’s your favorite rom-com movie?

a bit busy

but i’ll be back soon with lots of blog posts! promise!

have to sort out all the kinks here at work. 🙂

weekly challenge 3 & 4: more and more fluids

i’ve been continuing my week 2 challenge, drinking more fluids for week 3 & 4.

and, well, i still can’t come up with a decent challenging task for the coming week. no, i’m still not ready to wear the dress, yet!

He kept his promise

Hubby promised my maternal grandmother that one day, he will marry me in church. Hubby knows that my lola, being a religious person, would appreciate that we seal the deal on top of our civil wedding with a church wedding.

and to quote hubby;

lola, i promise to marry your apo in church

sadly, lola wasn’t able to witness this event. but at least my parents were there to bask in the glow and happiness of seeing their firstborn, walking down the aisle in a dress and escorting her to the one she’ll be with forever.

look at my dad's face 🙂

but i know, she was smiling proudly with lolo for a promise fulfilled.

a family beach getaway

hubby and i have been on the lookout for a summer getaway with the kids. somewhere in batangas would be ideal since long trips does not suit well (for now) with K2 & K3 since they still suffer from motion sickness (which i am to blame for this, they got it from me – i overcame this when i was in highschool, but i still suffer bouts sometimes)

we’re also looking for resorts that include meals already aside from accommodations.

i’ve emailed a few options to hubby since it’s up to him to decide (budget wise).

this summer beach trip is a promise to the kids since they got top marks this school year. a great reward for them. and of course, a first time for them to go to the beach!

and an excuse for myself to finally enjoy the sun. sand and waves after a long time.

crossing my fingers and toes for this!

still hooked

from my previous post on mystery case files, well i’m happy to report that i’m still hooked with the game albeit with the longer time to look for the hidden objects.

i try to sneak in a few game time in between work especially when things get a little stressful. and it helps.

once i finish with madame fate, i’m moving on with the other games. yay!

I <3 Serenitea!

patty, our ever efficient AP called and asked if anyone wanted to order some milk tea from serenitea. even if my wallet was screaming in protest with another purchase, (i still have to buy hubby dinner later) i said yes. it was serenitea for pete’s sake! i don’t to say no to good milk tea.

and hokkaido is ❤ with 50% sugar please!


what do you now, i got mine for free. after much protest of course from patty. birthday treat she said. so, you can’t say no to a birthday treat. 🙂

thank you patty for the happiness that is serenitea milk tea ❤

*photo credit from patty: twitter.com/woodycakes

ah-choo! :(

today’s not the best days ever. woke up with allergic rhinitis which meant tons of sneezing and nose blowing. boo!

can’t take claritin this early or else everyone here in the office will see me sprawled out cold on my desk. sleeping.

now i have to bear the sniffles and itchy nose, watery eyes and all that hassle.

hopefully after lunch this thing goes away.

and yeah, even my eldest is going through the same thing. 😦 (by any chance this is genetic?)

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