since it’s the new year, and with people broadcasting their resolutions left and right, might as well post mine.

i listed down things that are feasible to do the whole year and realistic ones, so here goes:


– de clutter the room. get rid of stuff no longer needed.

– learn to wear make up everyday and when meeting with clients.

– moisturize!

– list down 1 thing i’m thankful for everyday.

– less: shouting, getting mad easily, impatience, procrastination.

– read more books

– write write write

– take more photos

– blog at least a week.


simple right? 🙂 i opted not to include the losing weight part since doing so would be in vain since i’m on injectibles. but that’s different from getting enough exercise everyday!


so here’s to the new year and to goals!

happy new year! happy new you!

photo credit: eric yago (aka Dad)

weekly challenge #2: drink lots of water

i’m notorious for not taking in fluids that much. give me coffee and i’m good for the day. at least i’ve lessened my intake of colas, since it made me feel more bloated than ever.

so for this week, i challenged myself (since officemate has bailed out on said challenge) to drink more water. the most that i can take in a day is just 1 bottle (i can hear gasping!) and so, i bought 1.5L of water. and made sure i finished it today.

and i did!

although with the “lunod” feeling after. plus the fact i went to the CR every 10 mins, like i was pregnant again. it’s crazy! but, the upside, i don’t get hungry every 2 hours. and hopefully, my increase in water intake would make me more healthier. 🙂 and they say, taking in water helps flush out the toxins and make your skin glow (i’m also taking vitamin e capsules to help my dry skin especially on my legs) and healthier.

yesterday, i was able to finish the whole pitcher of water, thanks to the heat.

this is one challenge i’m willing to continue. 🙂

The Plana Forma Experience

i’m on my last 2 days of my unlimited monthly package with Plana Forma and i’m here to testify that this workout actually works!

it is true that you will see results if you go to class 3x or 4x a week, but in my case i came to class 2x a week since that’s how my schedule allows it.

so what changes have i noticed?

1. pants are significantly loose. before Plana Forma, i would actually have to loosen up my pants a bit, adjust the waist so that my belly wouldn’t get “squished”. yes, i had flabs on my belly, it’s annoying. i actually looked bloated. it felt like i came from an eat-all-you-can buffet and stuffed myself silly. but now, i actually have to use belts to hold my pants in or else people would get a view of my butt crack. LOL!

i’m proud to say i have lost a few inches off my waist/tummy area. (i have to check though the exact inches i lost, after my last class this saturday and if fate would allow it, on sunday as well).

2. i don’t binge eat anymore. before class, my last meal would be lunch, i’d grab coffee around 3pm for the usual coffee break. and that’s it, i’m off to class. after class dinner would usually consist of bread, sometimes pasta, i’ve avoided rice during dinner (except on weekends-which is cheat day)

3. i don’t wheeze after a warm up. i don’t get breathless anymore, breathing has been well, a breeze. but the sweating was extreme. i guess this was my body’s way of eliminating all those bad toxins in me. i don’t complain. i’m happy that i get to sweat a lot, that means, my body’s working very very hard. 🙂

4. i can finally feel muscles on my arms! not the usual jiggly-jelly feeling. but i need to upgrade the weights i use since i don’t feel the burn anymore.

5. i can see those sexy ankles forming! woohoo!

6. i may have the guts to wear shorts soon! another month of working those thighs and they’re ready to see the light of day! LOL! (that’s where 80% of my fat goes, the 20% evenly distributed in the tummy and arms)

7. i feel more healthier. 🙂

i don’t think i can post after pictures yet, i need another month to see more visible physical changes before i can share with the world my full body photo. but i am happy that given a month’s time, the workout was proven effective. if only i can go to class 4x a week maybe i may have the abs, the slender, toned arms and legs worthy to be shown off.

and yes, i will be back for more Plana Forma workouts. Here’s to April!

a big big thanks to Celine and Van for the “punishments” during class. you two are the best! ❤

visit their site to know more:
Plana Forma

Plana Forma Day 3

Day 3 was on a thursday. signed up a day before for the 645 class. lo and behold, plans didn’t push through. i’m blaming the uncoordinated schedules and planning of trips and meetings.

and so i was fuming mad. one thing i hate was not being able to go to class on time. good thing i was able to call and move my slot to the 730 class. and made it just in time.

the 730 class was being handled by van and vinia. my expectations totally flew out the window. under celine for the past 2 classes was like being in the last circle of thigh hell.

oh boy i was wrong. i went into the deepest bowels of thigh hell. van was relentless. he went from one student to another making sure we don’t give up on going down one inch and up one inch (which i did i think thrice).

my thighs were pissed at me. if they can curse at me, they would.

and i was very thankful for that class. it felt like the first class all over again.

the pain was there after class, the sweating, the catching up with my breath. but i was happy.

it may be the endorphins or i was lacking oxygen in my brain (haha joke). but i felt good after.

and the pain the next day, tolerable. but i could feel my arms and abs getting all the punishments. the thighs were a given since we ALWAYS spend around 15 mins focusing on them.

now i can’t wait for the next class, be it with van or celine.

here’s to day 4 of Plana Forma tomorrow! whoohoo!

my plana forma experience: day 1 & 2

a brief background about Plana Forma from articles & blog entries from divasoria: The Forma Experience

And Alexei Villaraza’s Interview with the Plana Forma team as posted in and How i got my groove back

Now for my own experience. Take note that i am still on my day 2 of my Plana Forma “training”.

Day 1 & 2:

arrived a bit early, too early for my 730pm class. was there around 5pm (how’s that for an early bird) because a meeting with a client was cancelled. since i was in the area already and high street was too far to walk, i decided to just hang out and wait out the time.

the ever efficient receptionist suggested that i join the 645 class instead so that i don’t have to wait longer. i said why not?

The Workout

55 minutes of intense workout. we started with leg raises, weights (light and heavy) to tone the muscles. pulses, curls. 8 counts, 10 counts.

and that was just the warm up.

we were then subjected to the next workout. the thighs. which i have come to love and hate. love because you can actually feel the burn while doing the leg raises, stretches. hate, because the effects after are not funny at all. shaking legs, pain when going up and down the stairs (more on that later).

the part that i love, the abs workout. it was intense. and by the way, allthroughout the workout, you’re supposed to tighten your abs, square your hips, push out your tailbone and stand firm on the ground, feet few inches apart (if standing is required).

there were no breaks in between. reason for such is that to keep the muscles working to the point of exhaustion. but after each set, there were stretching involved.

the best part that i loved? the cool down where we do yoga poses to relax, wind down and slowly relax the muscles.

The Assessment:

After my first work out, the next day i could feel the burn in my thighs. come saturday & sunday, it was HELL. it was a struggle to go up and down the stairs, sit down, stand up, even go to the bathroom. my arms felt like weights were still hanging off me. my thighs were crying out in pain. my kids (k1 to be exact) had to help me stand up from where i was sitting.

every leg movement to just walk was a pain.

but hubby’s encouraging words were motivation enough for me to go back to class. which i did yesterday. as of this writing, the pain on the legs tolerable. but i can feel the burn in my back and abs area.

i think last night’s class focused more on the abs and back. but the thighs were never neglected.

let’s see how day 3 would fare. i have another class tomorrow at 645. 🙂

here’s to more days where i can see myself with a flat tummy (wishing for abs would be too much for now), toned arms, and lean thighs. 🙂

haven't tried this pose yet. soon, hopefully!


i’m still searching for a worthy before photo. so please bear with me.

watch out for my post on day 3 hopefully by tomorrow 🙂



to know more about Plana Forma, visit their site:

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