snaps: bonding

one fine saturday afternoon playing with the kids and them seeing the red fireman’s hat. who gets to wear it but mommy!

the boys had a blast!

the things my boys come up with ❤

and weekends are always the best with my boys 🙂

it’s the little things

i know it is a cliche scenario where a girl waits for the guy. the place is crowded, she cranes her neck checking if he’s there and for some reason, the crowd parts a bit and she sees the guys and suddenly a smile forms on her face. she’s happy she saw/found him among the crowd.

cheesy right?

but that’s what happened while i was waiting for hubby before we saw a movie. (the adjustment bureau)

it was a surreal, funny and sweet moment.


well, minus the crowd parting thing. 🙂

snaps: happiness

happiness is every moment with him. 🙂

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