i am doing something right after all.

i stumbled upon this blog post from my facebook feed. and after reading it, it felt like a pat on the back that i am doing something good for and to my boys.

Here’s the link: 25 rules for mothers of sons

25 rules for mothers of sons

it felt good that from the start, the things that i teach my boys were part of this list. to note a few:

– Be a cheerleader for his life
– Read to him and read with him.
– Teach him to have manners
– Let him ruin his clothes / Get Dirty
– Let him lose
– Answer him when he asks, “Why?”
– Always carry band-aids and wipes on you.
– Build him forts

and to add to my list, let him explore toys that girls play – cooking sets, dolls, etc. because eventually they’ll outgrow these and stick to cars, robots, trucks and blocks. toys are toys, they all make use of a child’s imagination. it will not dictate their gender preference when they grow up. (i grew up playing with boy’s toys, and here i am, a mother of 3.)

what comfort to know that i am indeed doing something right after all in the motherhood department. πŸ™‚

my boys ❀

the truth according to calvin and hobbes

day 14 of the 30 day blog challenge


calvin speaks the truth. πŸ™‚

discoveries: darla & alfalfa <3

day 13 of the 30 day blog challenge

i have online friends who are great in discovering online gems. and this is one of them.

i’m sure you remember them, right?

then and now

photo & blog credit: Darla & Alfalfa

then and now. has it been that long that these kids had grown up?

Thursday tunes: Simple Plan’s Jet Lag

such a fun song. and it’s got my kid’s seal of approval. πŸ™‚

you say good morning when it’s midnight
going out of my head alone in this bed
i wake up to your sunset, it’s driving me mad
i miss you so bad, my heart heart is so jetlagged

i wanna share your horizon
and see the same sun rising

happy thursday tunes!


discoveries: tiger print nail polish!

what a fun tutorial! πŸ™‚ plus the fact i love tigers!

Tiger print tutorial


sorry can’t embed the video. function not allowed. 😦

foodie: milk teas and teas

i’m not much of a tea drinker, when i first heard of green tea and had a taste of it, it was dislike at first taste. i didn’t know at that time that green tea can be infused with other flavors.

another tea drink i never had love at first taste was milk tea. i’m blaming the british for this, tea mixed with milk was just off. but then, i changed my mind when i was introduced to those milk tea kiosks found all over the metro. (milk tea is the new froyo).

and what a pleasant surprise that a small kiosk opened here in the office canteen. called “infini-tea”. so i gave it a go. i tried their hokkaido milk tea with pearls but failed in comparison to Serenitea. taste wise, it was ok, but what threw it off the bat was the pearls. it was a mess, it didn’t blend well with the milk tea and it had this weird after taste. so the next time i ordered the hokkaido, i took out the pearls. another discovery and growing addiction is their fruit teas. they use green tea as the base and add flavors. of course i had to try and loved up to this day their lychee fruit teas. i’ve been ordering it everyday since last week.

i think choosing tea drinks over the usual sodas is the best option. and i heard about the benefits of teas in the body. so, there’s nothing to lose. and i’ve sort of given up sodas. i can’t even finish a glass of it, unlike before. so, yay for healthy choices!

but on those days when i need a more powerful kick, i’d still prefer my usual cup of coffee. πŸ™‚


Infinitea is located at Robinsons Cybergate 3
teas cost around P40 – P60 pearls and other add ons are at P10

foodie: bonchon date

it’s no doubt that my family loves chicken. fry it, add soup and noodles to it, bake it etc. as long as it’s chicken, we’re up for it.

i’ve been hearing about people raving about Bonchon Chicken a few months already, and finding out hubby’s basketball team is called, Team Bonchon, i guess it’s a sign to finally try it out. so one weekday, hubby, K1 and i trooped to greenbelt 1 after shopping for K1’s things.

hello bonchon!

it was love at first bite. the skin was crunchy all throughout. we ordered the soy chicken, hubby tried the spicy variety. according to him it wasn’t that spicy. can’t blame him, he has chili sauce flowing through his veins. so what’s not spicy to him may be the right kind of spice to some. the chicken meat itself was juicy and tender, but i was hoping that the same taste of the skin would seep in to the skin. but over all, it was a delightful meal. 2 pcs of either wings or drumstick wouldn’t be enough so i suggest to order the 6pcs instead of the rice meal. (we were playing safe that time since it was our first time, now we know what to order the next time we drop by).

our meal

as for k1’s review, he loved every bit of the chicken! this is a kid’s dream come true for fried chicken! i’m sure my boys would love to eat here. πŸ™‚ he also enjoyed the squid which he’s still in denial that what he ate was indeed squid. he still insists it was chicken, chicken popcorns what he said.

ready for my chicken!

the greenbelt branch wasn’t that big though, so big families like us would feel a little cramped and kids under the age of 5 would have a hard time “roaming” around. but hey, there’s the take out option or head over to their ayala triangle branch and have a picnic with the family in the park.

overall, my family and i would definitely come back here.

Bonchon Chicken Branches:

10am to 10pm daily

Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 10pm
Friday to Saturday: 10am to 11pm

Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 9pm
Friday to Saturday: 10am to 10pm

10am to 10pm daily

like their FB page too! https://www.facebook.com/Bonchon.Chicken.Philippines?sk=info

foodie: L’Incontro

One night after Plana Forma class, hubby and i tried out this resto near our house. I was craving for some good Italian food.

We went there without any expectations. We thought it was the usual Italian dinner place. It wasn’t, it was more than that. It was more of a fine dining place. And we were a bit underdressed. Thank goodness it was late (around 10pm) so the place wasn’t packed. Just a group inside the resto and 2 girls outside the veranda.

We were given complimentary bread and dip. The dips provided were pesto and salsa-ish tomato dip. It was good!

pesto & tomato dips

Unlimited bread by the way πŸ™‚

For our main course, hubby ordered Mushroom Risotto & I ordered their Carbonara

Mushroom Risotto was perfect. A bit hearty if you eat it on your own so it’s best to share and partnered with steak. (which we didn’t order since it’s beyond our budget for the night)

The Carbonara was creamy, with generous amounts of bacon & cream. No need for cheese. The noodles were superb, and i have a feeling it was handmade – the resto’s own recipe.

hubby's mushroom risotto

their signature carbonara

Over all, the place is good for those romantic date nights. For sure hubby & I will come back for a more romantic date – soon! πŸ™‚

L’incontro is located at 207 N. Garcia (formerly Reposo) St., Makati City
For Reservations call
899 0638 / 899 0642

review: zen asia spa

hubby and i have been into massages lately. and we’re always on the hunt for good deals and great service. good thing i remembered one of my closets friends way back in college owns a spa near our place. so hubby and i decided to check it out.

we dropped by their spa around 1030 in the evening. surprisingly, they’re still open. we had to wait around 20 minutes for our turn since there were a lot of customers even at that time. (by the way, their spa is open until 6am!)

hubby got the 60mins shiatsu massage to relieve the pain on his lower back. i initially wanted to get a mani pedi and foot spa until i saw that they have this slimming and anti-cellulite massage. interesting. so i tried that.

bad move on my part. i didn’t know that this type of massage would hurt like hell. it was a deep tissue massage that will try to eliminate those annoying cellulite especially on the thighs and legs. i had to grin and bear the pain in the hopes that my cellulite would fade if not totally disappear (but we know cellulite’s hereditary, right?)

over all, it was an experience. i may not get the same massage as before, but i’m still going back to try the other services.

what i loved:
– the availability. imagine getting a massage at 11pm.
– they also do home service and spa-parties
– attendants are well mannered, and strictly observes silence at all times.
– the attendants will brief you on the massage (she did tell me it will hurt a bit, i didn’t imagine the “a bit” part was a gentle way of saying it will hurt like hell)
– price wise, it was money well spent, my massage cost P 380.00 good for 1 hour, hubby’s was P280.00

what i disliked:
– the spa was beside a car wash. although it was late in the night, it was weird that there was this one car that was very noisy. you know those racing cars that have those annoying sound when the rev up their engines. that one.

Zen Asia Spa
Dayap cor. Bautista st.
Makati City (near buendia)
5527313, 09178258225

for the bookworm in you

good reads indeed!

thanks to an office colleague, i have discovered Good Reads . it’s a site where you can take inventory of all the books you have at home, categorized into books you have read, planning to read and books you want to have. there’s even an app called book challenge where you can challenge yourself on how many books you plan to read for the year. i challenged myself to read 25 books for the year and so far, i’ve read 3 books already. but i haven’t taken into consideration the other books yet. πŸ™‚

aside from these cool features, each time you get to tag a book as read, you can add your review, rate the book, share it with your friends. there’s also a part where you input the date you started reading the book up to the day you finished it. and just like my officemate, you can even do a review on the pages you have actually read! and your friends can comment on each book review!


it’s a digital inventory of books! and you get to find new friends and fellow bookworms in the process!

and of course, you can and you will discover books from their growing lists!

and did i mention that there are also book giveaways? (sad though that some are only limited to the US & UK, but i am hopeful that there will be those few instances that we can join πŸ™‚

now all i need is to check all my books at home and input them at goodreads.com. but it’s more fun looking for new books!

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