Dream Journal #1: Uncle J & Lola H

i dreamt about uncle J & lola H while having another dream (very inception-ish, i was having a dream within a dream)

the scene suddenly shifted to an old house. i saw uncle j (who had passed away, uncle j is one of mama’s younger brothers).

uncle j approached me and told me: ” kung ano man yung iniisip ni mama mo, ok lang yun, wag siya mag-alala” (whatever your mama’s thinking about, it’s ok, she need not worry)

then he said he’s going home, as he approached the door, someone opened the door, it was my lola H, she saw me and she was smiling at me.

end of the dream.

i told mama about the dream, and weirdly enough, she was thinking about something and it seemed that uncle j was sending a message to her through me. and somehow when mama got the message, she felt assured.

but she felt bad that lola H made her presence felt again in my dream instead of hers.

i guess that day mama also offered a mass and prayer for them too as a way of her thanks to them.

and i suddenly missed my lola H.

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