recipes: comfort food chicken sopas

day 17 of the 30 day blog challenge

comfort in a warm bowl πŸ™‚

photo source: click the photo to visit the site, Kusina ni Manang πŸ™‚

one of the best comfort food i have ever known would be chicken sopas, some may call it chicken soup; but the effects after scooping in a hearty spoonful into your mouth feels like the most comforting hug your mom ever gave you.

and since sharing is caring, i’ll share my own recipe for chicken sopas. πŸ™‚

what you need: (note: i don’t do exact measurements and i cook based on my taste)

chicken breasts or thighs around 2-3 pcs
salt and pepper
1 pack of 1kg macaroni noodles or depending on how many you want to prepare
1 can evaporated milk
1 tetra pack of cream
garlic & onion

what you do:

boil the chicken for 30 mins or more until you get that perfect chicken stock
don’t throw away the boiled stock, this will be your soup base
flake the chicken to your desired size (strips, chunks etc)

saute garlic and onion
add the chicken
add a dash of patis/fish sauce
season with salt & pepper

what i learned from my mom so that the noodles won’t get too soggy and big after cooking them is to add the raw noodles while sauteeing the chicken, garlic and onions.

transfer everything into the stock. bring to a simmer
add the carrots, potatoes, celery or other veggies you like
add the evaporated milk and cream (this is where you can gauge how much milk you want. my kids & myself love it really creamy and milky)
simmer (again) until the veggies are soft
season with salt & pepper

and serve with love and a smile πŸ™‚

Foodie: I’m Angus Steak House

hubby and i had an impromptu dinner last night. he had been intrigued by the restaurant for quite some time. and last night, he couldn’t contain it any longer. we decided to try it out.

i warned him that the place looks like a fine dining place. and it was.

we were the only customers last night. so all the attention was on us.

here’s the interior of the place. (the smoking area)

homey for a fine dining place

hubby and i ordered: clam chowder for the soup. because all our meals, soups are required.

clam chowder. so good!

it was so good! although their clam chowder had veggies in it, we were happy. it was creamy, generous amount of clams (plus points)

we also ordered their shrimp salad. which was a bit of a disappointment since there were only 3 pieces of shrimp in the salad. i also enjoyed the asparagus, which again, were only 3 stalks. it was a small serving of salad placed in a big serving dish.

see the 3 pcs of shrimp?

and for the main course, hubby and i ordered the angus burger. we requested to have the burger split into 2 (because we love to share our food hehe). bad move since we were charged extra P80.00 for splitting the burger.

yummy burger!

our burgers came with a side of fries and a piece of onion ring. πŸ™‚

over all, it was a pleasant experience if not for the price of the food. but you can’t blame the place since they serve angus beef flown in from the US.

total bill was around P 1500.00 plus vat and service charge.

if you plan to go and try out the place, be prepared to shell out around P1000 per person for a full meal, not counting the drinks though. steaks go for about P800+ and up depending on the cut. but believe me, the price will be all worth it. πŸ™‚

cute wall

I’m Angus Steak House
7431 Yakal Street, San Antonio Village,
Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel: (63) 892.6206
F: (63) 892-9271

foodie: L’Incontro

One night after Plana Forma class, hubby and i tried out this resto near our house. I was craving for some good Italian food.

We went there without any expectations. We thought it was the usual Italian dinner place. It wasn’t, it was more than that. It was more of a fine dining place. And we were a bit underdressed. Thank goodness it was late (around 10pm) so the place wasn’t packed. Just a group inside the resto and 2 girls outside the veranda.

We were given complimentary bread and dip. The dips provided were pesto and salsa-ish tomato dip. It was good!

pesto & tomato dips

Unlimited bread by the way πŸ™‚

For our main course, hubby ordered Mushroom Risotto & I ordered their Carbonara

Mushroom Risotto was perfect. A bit hearty if you eat it on your own so it’s best to share and partnered with steak. (which we didn’t order since it’s beyond our budget for the night)

The Carbonara was creamy, with generous amounts of bacon & cream. No need for cheese. The noodles were superb, and i have a feeling it was handmade – the resto’s own recipe.

hubby's mushroom risotto

their signature carbonara

Over all, the place is good for those romantic date nights. For sure hubby & I will come back for a more romantic date – soon! πŸ™‚

L’incontro is located at 207 N. Garcia (formerly Reposo) St., Makati City
For Reservations call
899 0638 / 899 0642

foodie: quick fix creamy tuna pasta

this is actually hubby’s recipe and requires to be resurrected soon! but for now, here are the ingredients: (photos to follow once i prepare the recipe again)

garlic, chopped
onions, chopped
pepper. to season
salt, to season
nestle cream, the one in the tetra pack
milk, full cream or non fat. we use nestle milk
cheese, quickmelt preferrably
and century tuna, in vegetable oil.
the tuna’s vegetable oil used to saute the garlic and onions.

saute the garlic, onions in the oil from the can of tuna
add the tuna once the onions turn translparent
mix in the cream and milk
add in a bit of cheese
mix everything together
season with salt & pepper

serve on your pasta of choice πŸ™‚

foodie: chicken in mushroom sauce

we got tired of the usual afritada viand so i decided to tweak the recipe a bit by using cream of mushroom soup instead of the usual tomato sauce.

apologies since this post has no photos. i totally forgot to take photos when i was making the recipe.

chicken – up to you what parts you want. πŸ™‚
1 pack knorr cream of mushroom soup. (i use 2 packs since we consume 1kilo of chicken at home) – dissolved in a bowl of hot water.
garlic minced
bell peppers if you want
string beans if you want.
salt & pepper to taste.

how to do it:

saute the garlic and onions
add the chicken and cook until brown (i add maggi magic sarap as extra flavor)
once the chicken is cooked, add the cream of mushroom soup
if you find the sauce a bit thick to your liking, add a half cup of water
add the veggies
simmer until veggies are soft
season with salt & pepper (taste test! woohoo!)

and you’re ready to serve!

this recipe got a seal of approval from my mom and my picky eater hubby. a hit with the kids as well since it has chicken and mushroom soup in it. πŸ™‚

Foodie: Chicboy

hubby and i discovered a new place to eat during those late night drives on the way home. the usual time we leave the office is around 8-830. so dinner time is much later than the usual folk.

it’s a good thing (and a blessing too) that in our area, there are some places that are open 24/7 (yay!)

one discovery would be chicboy. at first we thought that the place was along the lines of the dencios, the gerry’s the grillas. but it stops there. what makes this place absolutely amazing is the price!

here’s proof: our whole meal of lechon sisig, sinigang na salmon and 2 plain rice costs us only P165.00!!

P165.00 for a full meal!

how’s that for amazing! here’s a copy of our receipt.

1. lechon sisig with egg; P90.00
2. sinigang na salmon: P
3. 2 plain rice: P
4. service water: free


hubby ordered another lumpiang hubad which would then make our bill more or less than P200.00!

this is great value for our money!

and for a fact, the food was quite satisfying. πŸ™‚ and of course, this is great as well for those nights after drinking with friends.

for more info you can visit: (which is under the pier one group of companies by the way)

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