for the bookworm in you

good reads indeed!

thanks to an office colleague, i have discovered Good Reads . it’s a site where you can take inventory of all the books you have at home, categorized into books you have read, planning to read and books you want to have. there’s even an app called book challenge where you can challenge yourself on how many books you plan to read for the year. i challenged myself to read 25 books for the year and so far, i’ve read 3 books already. but i haven’t taken into consideration the other books yet. 🙂

aside from these cool features, each time you get to tag a book as read, you can add your review, rate the book, share it with your friends. there’s also a part where you input the date you started reading the book up to the day you finished it. and just like my officemate, you can even do a review on the pages you have actually read! and your friends can comment on each book review!


it’s a digital inventory of books! and you get to find new friends and fellow bookworms in the process!

and of course, you can and you will discover books from their growing lists!

and did i mention that there are also book giveaways? (sad though that some are only limited to the US & UK, but i am hopeful that there will be those few instances that we can join 🙂

now all i need is to check all my books at home and input them at but it’s more fun looking for new books!

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