my boys and their toys

it’s fun to see my 3ks playing together minus the crying and toy grabbing.

playing together 🙂

and this is what makes childhood with siblings the best 🙂

snaps: improvise

kade has been fixated lately with kites. and since we couldn’t find a decent kite that day, we decided to improvise.

a simple plastic bag, some strings and an anchor so that the kite won’t fly away.


now how do i fly this?

a happy little K3.

simple joys, zero expense.

snaps: hello mr. fireman :)

and the blue boots

hello mr. fireman kade. 🙂

snaps: motivation

these 3 gems (aside from hubby of course) are the reason why i’m alive & living.

they are my source of motivation everyday. seeing the good in things and in life.

my 3 Ks.

k2, k1 & k3

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