snaps: school spirit

this photo was taken during k1’s family day. since hubby and i are couple reps for his section, all the kids of the couple reps were called on stage to sing the alma mater song.

and how smart is this boy to stay near the mic and sing his heart out.

that’s school spirit. even in pre school. 🙂


i am doing something right after all.

i stumbled upon this blog post from my facebook feed. and after reading it, it felt like a pat on the back that i am doing something good for and to my boys.

Here’s the link: 25 rules for mothers of sons

25 rules for mothers of sons

it felt good that from the start, the things that i teach my boys were part of this list. to note a few:

– Be a cheerleader for his life
– Read to him and read with him.
– Teach him to have manners
– Let him ruin his clothes / Get Dirty
– Let him lose
– Answer him when he asks, “Why?”
– Always carry band-aids and wipes on you.
– Build him forts

and to add to my list, let him explore toys that girls play – cooking sets, dolls, etc. because eventually they’ll outgrow these and stick to cars, robots, trucks and blocks. toys are toys, they all make use of a child’s imagination. it will not dictate their gender preference when they grow up. (i grew up playing with boy’s toys, and here i am, a mother of 3.)

what comfort to know that i am indeed doing something right after all in the motherhood department. 🙂

my boys ❤

snaps: sharing is caring

this is what i treasure. days when they get along. 🙂

sharing is caring ❤


the downside of having kids aged 2 years apart is the constant bickering and fighting over toys. so this is a rare moment when they do get along.

snaps: father’s day

day 22 of the 30 day blog challenge

it’s just amazing that hubby spares his time to attend events such as these. and this means a lot to our kids, which he knows of course. he makes sure that in every special occasion, he’ll be there no matter what.

although late, happy father’s day!

hubby and his mini-me ❤

a little pause

day 21 of the 30 day blog challenge

so i skipped sunday and monday posts for my 30 day blog challenge. i apologize. things got a bit hectic at home.

1. k2 gave us the dengue scare when he got home after spending a weekend with the in laws. so that monday was spent in having him checked. thank goodness things turned out negative.

2. the whole sunday was a blur, i can’t remember anything significant at all. maybe i was asleep/busy the whole day.

but i’ll be back this week to complete my 30 day blog challenge.

snaps: budding bookworm

day 19 of the 30 day blog challenge

it was a pleasant surprise seeing this in K1’s bag while checking his assignments and worksheets:

his first borrowed book

i found the first library book he borrowed. and he was so proud to tell me about it. after this book, he can’t wait for the next book 🙂

i feel so proud seeing my firstborn build an interest in books. and i can’t wait to see the next book 🙂

linggo ng wika

day 15 of the 30 day blog challenge

i’m the excited mommy for k1 who’s going to celebrate his first linggo ng wika in school. costumes are ready. i’m not sure though if we can watch the performance but i’m sure k1 will have a blast. 🙂

and forgetful mom that i am, i totally forgot to buy him snacks to share. they were required to bring filipino food to share with the class. good thing we have pan de manila just downstairs. and cheese pan de sal to the rescue! (i’m counting that pan de sal is considered as pinoy food. LOL)

Attachment Parenting: 10 Phrases to make a better parent

day 10 of the 30 day blog challenge

like peanut butter to jelly 🙂

i was browsing though attachment parenting sites and found this site quite interesting. Attached Family. and resources about attachment parenting is quite interesting. i didn’t even realize that some parenting skills i had is based on attachment parenting.

(i for one, prefer to have my kids sleep in one bed with us for as long as possible, that’s how clingy i am to my kids).

anyway, sharing a few tips on how to be a better parent to our kids without being too negative:

10 Phrases to make a better parent

some snippets from the article:

INSTEAD OF: You’re a bad boy
TRY: What did you learn from this

this one helps a lot as it addresses the bad behavior and not telling the kid he’s the one who’s bad. helps also in making him think of what he did wrong.

INSTEAD OF: Oh no! Look what you have done!
TRY: It really won’t matter 5 years from now. I’ll show you how to fix it.

instead of showing the child that their efforts is near impossible, why not create some options or just help out?

or if all else fails, a hug or saying i love you is the best option. works everytime!

this is quite a fun read since, i love being hands on with my kids. raising them on my own beliefs and strategies and not just some traditions and old wives tales. it also helps that it fosters critical thinking for the kids at an early age. i am also a firm believer in independence, in trying out things before you decide if you like it or not – making decisions on your own and owning up to mistakes if that decision didn’t give positive results.

and so far, the kids have been doing well, in terms of independence. it’s the mom, who’s having a hard time letting go. 😛

a little reward never hurt

day 6 of the 30 day blog challenge

one form of motivation that we implement in our house to get the kids encouraged to study is giving rewards. but our rewards are given on the condition that they get a perfect score in their weekly tests or for good behavior.

good job!

now, before some parents here would shake their heads and say, we put too much pressure on our kids to get perfect grades, let me make this clear that this condition was suggested by our son, K1. we sat down with him, asked him to get his reward, what does he need to do, is this a reward for good behavior? waking up early? finishing his milk, drinking it in a cup or eliminating the diaper at night(that’s another blog post). it was he who suggested that in order for him to get the best reward, he has to give us good grades.

so we agreed. we also give little rewards in terms of praises and words of encouragement for every good deed. such as turning off the light after going to the potty, helping their brothers out, packing away their toys (this merits the biggest praise of all especially if i don’t ask them to pack away their toys!)

and as of this writing, we’re on to the next list of rewards since k1 was able to give 12 perfect scores in his weekly tests. now all he needs is to wait for my mom to give him a new toy! 🙂 now hubby and i have to think a great reward for him too!

One Sunday afternoon

this is my Day 3 entry for the 30 day blog challenge.

One of the worst things that mothers hate is seeing their child sick. the amount of worry and paranoid thoughts are enough to make one go crazy (ok that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but mothers will get this).

Last Sunday, K1 was a bit quiet and down. but this was a bit unusual since it lasted until after lunch. we thought he wasn’t feeling well because of his colds. but upon asking him what’s bothering him, we found out that his right ear was bothering him. painful and it feels like when he talks, he’s talking to himself (his exact words). right then and there, hubby and i decided to bring him to the hospital to have him checked.

we brought him to the ER of Makati Medical Center, the nearest hospital to our place and where his pedia holds her clinic.

good thing on a sunday afternoom there weren’t long lines so we were accommodated. i’m just so proud of K1 for being brave and being able to tell the doctors what he was feeling. plus points as well to the pedia ER team for being kid friendly (they’re supposed to be, right?). after several checks on his throat, ears and nose, we found out he has an ear infection due to his colds and cough. k1 was given atibiotics, pain reliever and decongestant to relieve the pain in his ear. i felt bad that he has to go through a lot of medicines to ease and eliminate the pain in his ear, but i heard not a single complaint from him.

side story: since we were in the ER, on our way to the Pedia ER section, from the critical area, k1 and i witnessed a dead person being wheeled to the morgue (i’m assuming it’s being wheeled there). it was scary, seeing a person covered in white cloth from head to toe being wheeled out of an emergency area. i had to explain to k1 what we saw, although i can not explain to him what happened to the person since we weren’t there to see why the person died. now i have to prepare my speech on death, when one of these days he starts asking questions.

after our check up, it was good to know that k1 was still in high sprits, he even asked hubby to buy him burger from BK before we went home. he was still up to go out and have his haircut (hubby and k1’s bonding session) and have dinner with the family.

overall it was a good sunday for the family even with k1 and his ear infection.

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