i am doing something right after all.

i stumbled upon this blog post from my facebook feed. and after reading it, it felt like a pat on the back that i am doing something good for and to my boys.

Here’s the link: 25 rules for mothers of sons

25 rules for mothers of sons

it felt good that from the start, the things that i teach my boys were part of this list. to note a few:

– Be a cheerleader for his life
– Read to him and read with him.
– Teach him to have manners
– Let him ruin his clothes / Get Dirty
– Let him lose
– Answer him when he asks, “Why?”
– Always carry band-aids and wipes on you.
– Build him forts

and to add to my list, let him explore toys that girls play – cooking sets, dolls, etc. because eventually they’ll outgrow these and stick to cars, robots, trucks and blocks. toys are toys, they all make use of a child’s imagination. it will not dictate their gender preference when they grow up. (i grew up playing with boy’s toys, and here i am, a mother of 3.)

what comfort to know that i am indeed doing something right after all in the motherhood department. 🙂

my boys ❤

when i grow up

day 29 of the 30 day blog challenge

it was k1’s career day in school and they were asked to prepare careers that they want to be when they grow up.

there’s no need to ask him what he wanted. and so we shopped. (thank you cash and carry)

and here’s our race car driver.

team ferrari

and i think he has the potential to be one. he can beat me at the arcade. he’s a better driver than i am. but of course, at the back of my mind, i’m still scared as hell of the dangers of being a mom to a race car driver. but, i’m all for tha happiness of my kids.

i just hope that until he grows up, he’ll never forget this dream. (or be a doctor or engineer or architect or those usual career path that moms dream of)

linggo ng wika

day 15 of the 30 day blog challenge

i’m the excited mommy for k1 who’s going to celebrate his first linggo ng wika in school. costumes are ready. i’m not sure though if we can watch the performance but i’m sure k1 will have a blast. 🙂

and forgetful mom that i am, i totally forgot to buy him snacks to share. they were required to bring filipino food to share with the class. good thing we have pan de manila just downstairs. and cheese pan de sal to the rescue! (i’m counting that pan de sal is considered as pinoy food. LOL)

not following directions

ok, i fully admit that it was my fault why K1 wasn’t able to get a perfect score in his reading activity in school yesterday.

maybe i was tired from taking care of a sick hubby, rowdy 2 year old, jealous middle child and the basic demands of our household.

the assignment asked to provide 5 pictures of ANIMALS with medial vowel sounds. what did i do? i included FAN and PEN in the pictures when instead i should have provided pictures of a CAT and a HEN.

so i got an SMS from my mom saying K1 was devastated and disappointed because of the score he got, he was also worried that he won’t be able to get his happy slips* and lose his chance of collecting 10 slips and get his reward from my mom.

my fault son, i promise not to do this again. i shall follow instructions and read and remember them carefully.

now that’s a lesson in following directions. LOL

*happy slips are slips provided by the teacher for good behavior, following instructions, returning reply slips on time etc. basically being good in school.

mommy the worrywart

today was a worryfest. my mom just sms’d me that k1 isn’t home yet (time check 1:33pm). he’s usually home around 12:30 or earlier depending on the traffic. so i am now in major worry mode. i’ve sms’d the owner of their school bus service asking what’s the reason why he isn’t home yet. thank goodness she replies fast, i was informed that since classes was already suspended this 12 noon, they gathered all their wards for the morning shift and brought everybody home.

photo credit: the download page

but then, they have to battle with the traffic and the rain.

rainy day
photo credit: Fira Saturn

and now all i worry about is k1 not having his lunch yet, tired, hungry and sleepy from an early day in school. hopefully i get another sms before 2 telling me he’s home safe.

now i’m planning things he’ll pack for school in case situations like these happen again. aside from his usual morning snack, i think it’s best to include an “emergency” food stash in his lunch box in case he gets home after lunch.

i miss you

it may be just 5 days without the two of you at home but it feels so empty. the noise you make, the mess you leave behind, the crying, the shouting, the neediness.

i miss the two of you.

tutti & kuya

and sleeping has been awfully hard because i can’t hear you breathing. the noises you make while sleeping. the waking up in the middle of the night asking me for milk.

waking up or waking me up in the morning so that i won’t be late for work.

come back home soon boys. i miss the craziness!

snaps: bikes & boys

learning to master the bike


the little one trying if he can test his skills on riding a bike. with training wheels. with help from yaya j.

kuya's first bike


k1’s first bike. still thinking when we can take out the training wheels. and take it home.

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