foodie: chicken in mushroom sauce

we got tired of the usual afritada viand so i decided to tweak the recipe a bit by using cream of mushroom soup instead of the usual tomato sauce.

apologies since this post has no photos. i totally forgot to take photos when i was making the recipe.

chicken – up to you what parts you want. 🙂
1 pack knorr cream of mushroom soup. (i use 2 packs since we consume 1kilo of chicken at home) – dissolved in a bowl of hot water.
garlic minced
bell peppers if you want
string beans if you want.
salt & pepper to taste.

how to do it:

saute the garlic and onions
add the chicken and cook until brown (i add maggi magic sarap as extra flavor)
once the chicken is cooked, add the cream of mushroom soup
if you find the sauce a bit thick to your liking, add a half cup of water
add the veggies
simmer until veggies are soft
season with salt & pepper (taste test! woohoo!)

and you’re ready to serve!

this recipe got a seal of approval from my mom and my picky eater hubby. a hit with the kids as well since it has chicken and mushroom soup in it. 🙂

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