when i grow up

day 29 of the 30 day blog challenge

it was k1’s career day in school and they were asked to prepare careers that they want to be when they grow up.

there’s no need to ask him what he wanted. and so we shopped. (thank you cash and carry)

and here’s our race car driver.

team ferrari

and i think he has the potential to be one. he can beat me at the arcade. he’s a better driver than i am. but of course, at the back of my mind, i’m still scared as hell of the dangers of being a mom to a race car driver. but, i’m all for tha happiness of my kids.

i just hope that until he grows up, he’ll never forget this dream. (or be a doctor or engineer or architect or those usual career path that moms dream of)

snaps: father’s day

day 22 of the 30 day blog challenge

it’s just amazing that hubby spares his time to attend events such as these. and this means a lot to our kids, which he knows of course. he makes sure that in every special occasion, he’ll be there no matter what.

although late, happy father’s day!

hubby and his mini-me ❤

snaps: my funny little boys

day 20 of the 30 day blog challenge

my boys are seriously funny. let the photos tell their stories:

we watched toy story 3, ordered chips, popcorn and some potato wedges. he burned his tongue, as he was eager to eat. hence the face:

hot food!

i prepared spaghetti for the three for lunch. this little genius, didn’t like getting his shirt messy, so what he did:

his bib

not the usual bib. he even added clothespins!

his own version of planking, in reverse. and this is his usual hangout spot 🙂

reverse planking 🙂

snaps: budding bookworm

day 19 of the 30 day blog challenge

it was a pleasant surprise seeing this in K1’s bag while checking his assignments and worksheets:

his first borrowed book

i found the first library book he borrowed. and he was so proud to tell me about it. after this book, he can’t wait for the next book 🙂

i feel so proud seeing my firstborn build an interest in books. and i can’t wait to see the next book 🙂

to my youngest

dear kade,

how time flies that you have turned 2 already. you have been such a joy and blessing to our family. you were our unexpected gift. honestly, you were unplanned, but what joy it is to find out that God gave us another reason to be happy.

my precious...

and what happiness you have brought to the family in your 2 years of existence.

we may have gone though a lot, especially financially but, we never shortchanged you when it comes to your needs or your brother’s. we made sure you had all the things you want and need. daddy and i will continue to be the best parents to you. all i ask of you is to be the best person you can be.

i thank you for all those days and nights when i needed a hug, asked or not. i thank you for being the best “bunso” we have. i’m sure you feel how proud we are of all your milestones and mini triumphs. and we are looking forward to more achievements and triumphs to celebrate with you.

everyday, you still amaze me with all the things you learn. i hope you keep that curiosity in you. never be afraid to ask, to question things and fight for what is right. i believe you and your brothers are fighters and very strong individuals. never be afraid to ask for help, never be afraid to acknowledge weakness. always remember that your brothers are always there for you to help you out, right or wrong.

happiness ❤

mommy and daddy will be here behind you in every decision you take, mistakes you make, your adventures in life.

be that happy and fuss free baby that you are.

i love you chuchubear. happy 2nd birthday!

snaps: improvise

kade has been fixated lately with kites. and since we couldn’t find a decent kite that day, we decided to improvise.

a simple plastic bag, some strings and an anchor so that the kite won’t fly away.


now how do i fly this?

a happy little K3.

simple joys, zero expense.

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