snaps: hello mr. fireman :)

and the blue boots

hello mr. fireman kade. 🙂

weekly challenge #1: wear heels

i created this weekly challenge to well, inspire me to try new things or things that i’m too apprehensive to try/do. this was inspired from one of the conversations i had with an officemate. in a way he challenged me to come to work wearing heels. i’m notorious in wearing flats or sneakers day in and day out.

so challenge accepted.

today i “unearthed” one of my heels. paired it with a striped tank top & jeans – which i was able to wear again after so long! 🙂 i wore this last wednesday btw.

striped tank top, jeans & heels

the shoes c/o SM Parisian

and as additional motivation; my beatles charm bracelet.

the beatles charm

hubby complimented me saying, he likes seeing me this girly and hopefully he gets to see more.

now i’m thinking of the next challenge for next week. (wearing a dress would be too soon ok?) baby steps for now.

* kerol if you’re reading this, this is how i look like now after Plana Forma. 🙂 nakakapag sleeveless na ulit! haha!

good find: loafers/boat shoes

i love looking at shoes, other people’s shoes to be exact. i love the feeling of getting envious and hoping to own a pair just like theirs, especially if they’re heels since almost everyone knows that i’m the biggest klutz on heels. and i walk like a boy wearing heels.

but i digress. this morning while i was checking my blog feeds, i read Kikay Exchange’s post about these shoes. and just like her, i feel in love with them as well.

i’ve been hunting for cute boat shoes and this one fits to a T. design and of course the price. less than 1k for a cute pair. 🙂

now all i need is to decide which color.

hello navy blue


hello grey

or both? eek!


visit: flirteshoes

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