Joey and the monsters under his bed

a litlle bedtime story i came up with during one of those hectic days in the office:


Little joey always slept with a night light on. He was afraid of the dark and the noises he hears at night.

Especially the noises under his bed. He thinks there are monsters living under his bed at night, and in the morning, they go off to other dark places. These monsters hate the light.

At night he could here the tap-tap, the bump-bump, and the little knawing sounds. When he hears those sounds, he could only stay under his blanket with the blue rockets and try not to move so that the monsters would not get him.

One morning, he told his mother about these monsters.

“mom, do you and dad hear strange noises at night, especially if you’re going to sleep?”

“no honey, why?” his mom said. “something wrong?”

“I think there are monsters living under my bed mom” joey said in a whisper. He was afraid that the monsters might hear him.

“monsters can’t live under the bed, and son, there are no such things as monsters.”

“but..” joey’s mother cut him off. “you’re just imagining things, the more you think about it, the more you’ll get scared and think it’s true. Now off you go to school.”

Joey went to school and forgot about the monsters under his bed.

During dinner, joey decided to do something about the monsters under his bed. He prepared himself, tried not to think about getting scared but finding out if they are living under his bed.

Beditme came. Joey’s mom tucked him in and said their night prayers. She kissed him goodnight and turned off the lights – leaving the night light on, of course.

Joey waited and waited. Pretended to be asleep to trick the monsters.

Then the noises started. First the tap-tap, then the bump-bump, then a little squeak, then sounds of little feet up and about under his bed.

“ I have to find out if there are monsters under my bed. I will not get scared. They can’t hurt me.” He thought to himself.

Slowly he moved towards the edge of the bed flashlight in hand. Taking deep breaths, he was saving up on being brave. “I am not scared of them. I am not scared of them” he repeated over and over.

One. Two. Three. He slowly lowered his head to peek under his bed. The sounds became a bit louder as he nears the floor to peek under his bed.

He shone his flashlight first. The noise died down a bit but he could still hear the tap-tap. His eyes followed where he shone the light.

Lo and behold, the monster under his bed was…. A liitle mouse who was scampering about under his bed with another mouse. They were actually playing!

“so that’s why I kept hearing those sounds!” joey said. After the discovery of his “monsters” he finally got a good night’s sleep.

Come morning, joey told his mom all about his monsters under the bed.

“guess what mom. You were right, there were no monsters under my bed.”

“I told you they weren’t real. So how did you find out there were no monsters under your bed?” his mom asked.

“I checked under the bed. And guess what I found?”


“all the while, the noises I hear were two mice under my bed. So much for monsters huh mom?”

“but I’m still not turning off my night light” he said with a big smile on his face.

The end.

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