this is how i’m feeling now

day 23 of the 30 day blog challenge


photo credit: sick in bed

been sneezing and coughing since last night. i feel the fever hiding inside and can’t break out. which feels like crap.

i’ve used up a whole pack of tissues and i’m on my 2nd (sorry trees!) it’s just gross to use a cloth towel or hanky if you got a nose that spills out snot every few minutes. not a pretty sight.

did i mention that my sneezes are the pits? i don’t do the usual achoo. it’s achoo-choo-choo-achoo in one go.

oh by the way, i’m here in the office working. but i’m wishing i’m curled up in bed in my jammies with some hot soup and warm calamansi juice.

Libra fact

day 11 of the 30 day blog challenge

i subscribe to this horoscope tweet just for the heck of it (i don’t believe in horoscopes), but there are some tweets / lines that are quite spot on when it comes to my personality.

for example:

full blooded libra

it’s true. i get bored when things especially at work become so routine that the feeling of waking up in the morning expecting to do the same thing creeps me out. i’d love work that keeps me on my toes, makes me think (crazy ideas or not). i don’t want to expect the usual things when i come to work.

and that’s the formula why i stay longer with the company i work for. 🙂

what a tiring week

so here’s how last week went;

had to go on leave, yaya j had to go home to tend to her sick child who was bit by a rat/mouse near their place. how that happened, i still have no idea. the whole day was dedicated to the kids. i was at their “mercy”. but i didn’t complain, this is one moment where i gladly took my role as super mommy. 🙂


back to work. had to prepare and schedule meetings for the week. a major presentation is in the works the next day. prepared vehicles to bring us to and from the office. had to review, double and triple check a client’s website for launch in august. tons of emails responded.


the dreaded presentation. arrived in the office past 830 and only to find out that the client we’re presenting to decided to go on sick leave that day. and informed everyone a few hours before the scheduled presentation. bummer. so, make the most of the day and continue pending tasks for the week. again, reviewed client’s website for launch. checked back end programming for the content. still can’t figure out why some entries aren’t appearing. meeting with a new client around 3pm at edsa shang. free coffee care of client at heat. i am not complaining. 🙂


another meeting for the day. and a press event in the afternoon. this was actually the highlight of my day. i can go on and on with the “lootbag”. literally a bag was given and it was Lock and Lock! oh joy!! i’ll prepare another blog entry for this event. 🙂 after work, our team decided to meet at our boss’ house to wind down and sort of send off one of our team mates, who decided to leave Summit for greener pastures. it was fun until i got the call from our boss that i HAVE to be in a meeting the next day, 9am to be exact since she can’t make it. i was bummed for a bit since that meant i have to leave earlier, and lessen the alcohol. hubby and i left at exactly 12 midnight.


woke up with a pounding headache. blaming the tequila shots and vodka shots plus the 4 glasses i had of johnny black. arrived in the office at 745 am. arrived in the client’s office at 9am. it was a good meeting, if only the client’s needs were for my department. saving grace would be the fact that they are interested in digital ads, but not for now. still waiting for that campaign brief from client.

saturday & sunday:

was family day. enough said. not thinking about work for the coming week and being able to catch up on sleep with my kids always makes our weekends better.

how was your week so far?

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