Plana Forma Day 3

Day 3 was on a thursday. signed up a day before for the 645 class. lo and behold, plans didn’t push through. i’m blaming the uncoordinated schedules and planning of trips and meetings.

and so i was fuming mad. one thing i hate was not being able to go to class on time. good thing i was able to call and move my slot to the 730 class. and made it just in time.

the 730 class was being handled by van and vinia. my expectations totally flew out the window. under celine for the past 2 classes was like being in the last circle of thigh hell.

oh boy i was wrong. i went into the deepest bowels of thigh hell. van was relentless. he went from one student to another making sure we don’t give up on going down one inch and up one inch (which i did i think thrice).

my thighs were pissed at me. if they can curse at me, they would.

and i was very thankful for that class. it felt like the first class all over again.

the pain was there after class, the sweating, the catching up with my breath. but i was happy.

it may be the endorphins or i was lacking oxygen in my brain (haha joke). but i felt good after.

and the pain the next day, tolerable. but i could feel my arms and abs getting all the punishments. the thighs were a given since we ALWAYS spend around 15 mins focusing on them.

now i can’t wait for the next class, be it with van or celine.

here’s to day 4 of Plana Forma tomorrow! whoohoo!

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