review: zen asia spa

hubby and i have been into massages lately. and we’re always on the hunt for good deals and great service. good thing i remembered one of my closets friends way back in college owns a spa near our place. so hubby and i decided to check it out.

we dropped by their spa around 1030 in the evening. surprisingly, they’re still open. we had to wait around 20 minutes for our turn since there were a lot of customers even at that time. (by the way, their spa is open until 6am!)

hubby got the 60mins shiatsu massage to relieve the pain on his lower back. i initially wanted to get a mani pedi and foot spa until i saw that they have this slimming and anti-cellulite massage. interesting. so i tried that.

bad move on my part. i didn’t know that this type of massage would hurt like hell. it was a deep tissue massage that will try to eliminate those annoying cellulite especially on the thighs and legs. i had to grin and bear the pain in the hopes that my cellulite would fade if not totally disappear (but we know cellulite’s hereditary, right?)

over all, it was an experience. i may not get the same massage as before, but i’m still going back to try the other services.

what i loved:
– the availability. imagine getting a massage at 11pm.
– they also do home service and spa-parties
– attendants are well mannered, and strictly observes silence at all times.
– the attendants will brief you on the massage (she did tell me it will hurt a bit, i didn’t imagine the “a bit” part was a gentle way of saying it will hurt like hell)
– price wise, it was money well spent, my massage cost P 380.00 good for 1 hour, hubby’s was P280.00

what i disliked:
– the spa was beside a car wash. although it was late in the night, it was weird that there was this one car that was very noisy. you know those racing cars that have those annoying sound when the rev up their engines. that one.

Zen Asia Spa
Dayap cor. Bautista st.
Makati City (near buendia)
5527313, 09178258225

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