a bit busy

but i’ll be back soon with lots of blog posts! promise!

have to sort out all the kinks here at work. 🙂

Time to save up

i just need a little breather from work today. early in the morning i got bummed with a very demanding client. so i need some happy distractions.

and good thing, ticket prices for Kylie’s concert in July 5 and incubus’ concert on July 28 had been released!

now all i need is to save up for these 2 concerts!

here are the ticket prices:

kylie tickets. a bit expensive but sure worth it.

this i'm willing to spend more money on 🙂

visit http://www.ticketnet.com.ph for more details


for my mom

so everyone around the world spent mother’s day yesterday. that one day when you get to treat your mom extra special.

but it got me thinking, for all the things done by our mothers, one day isn’t enough. it should be everyday.

i may not have that perfect relationship with my own mother, but it works for us. she rants, gets mad once in a while, we keep quiet. she calms down. i, most of the time listens to her rants and stories and even orders to clean every nook and cranny of our home.

when i was a teenager/younger, i would have a scowl on my face everytime she asks me to fix this, clean that. but now, well, not so much. because now i know the feeling of the one giving orders to clean up.

my mom knows that when it comes to expressing feelings to her and my dad, i’m not that eloquent. usually it’s just a smile or a grunt. but she gets the message.

she knows that when there’s something troubling me, she won’t force it out on me. she waits. patiently until she gets a long handwritten letter taped to their bedroom door. (i missed doing that). when i need a massage for a painful migraine attack, she knows just by me lying down on her lap.

it’s those simple things that makes me treasure our moments together. our interests may be oceans apart, but one thing’s for sure, i am grateful that my love for books, reading and being inquisitive all came from her. unexpectedly or forced. i am just happy.

i may not tell her everyday that she’s special, but i know deep down she feels it everyday. it may be from the love that radiates from my three boys. i constantly remind them that when i’m not at home, mama rules the “kingdom” and that she should be treated as a queen.

so even if i’ve been a mother for 6 years, nothing beats my mom for still being the best mom for 30 years. so i guess, she deserves more special treatment and love 365 days. i’ll know for sure when my time comes, but for now, i’m still that little girl who draws her cards during special occasions and tapes it to the bedroom door.

happy mother’s day (although belated) to all the mothers! 🙂 ❤

weekly challenge 3 & 4: more and more fluids

i’ve been continuing my week 2 challenge, drinking more fluids for week 3 & 4.

and, well, i still can’t come up with a decent challenging task for the coming week. no, i’m still not ready to wear the dress, yet!

my boys and their toys

it’s fun to see my 3ks playing together minus the crying and toy grabbing.

playing together 🙂

and this is what makes childhood with siblings the best 🙂

A glimpse of Greece: Grace Hotel – Santorini, Greece

When Ssowy shared a link about this breathtaking boutique hotel in Santorini Greece, i immediately sent the link to hubby with the email subject: ” pagiipunan natin ito!

It was beautiful. for one, it’s in Santorini Greece, one of the places i wish to travel to before i die. Two, it’s a hotel on top of a mountain with a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea, and mind blowing sunsets.

Here’s the link to the original blog post: Grace Hotel – Santorini

And of course, the photos:

what a view!

imagine a sunset view

a pool of your own - infinity pool by the way

champagne by the pool? why not?!

This place will definitely be added to our travel bucket list. even if it takes us to get there when we’re old and grey. but better if we get there during the prime of our lives (40’s). Or a second honeymoon for our 25th wedding anniversary!

Grace Santorini Official Website: http://www.santorinigrace.com/

no rice

since it’s the summer months and people are getting ready to show off their beach bodies, why not attempt to join the crowd? i’ve decided to skip rice all together, i’ve avoided rice during dinner for quite a while now so why not avoid it during lunch as well?

so far, i’ve been “coping”. especially with the yummy “lutong bahay” viands here in the office canteen. can’t see any results yet since i’m on my 5th day of avoiding rice. so far, i’ve been experiencing slight withdrawals and cravings but i have to resist. what i do, i stock up on more fluids, especially water. but i’m quite enjoying lunch since i get to eat more veggies (hello chopsuey!) and fish. i don’t consume meat (beef & chicken) that much, since fish dishes have been more appealing to me lately.

i’m not ready yet to weigh myself for the fear of being disappointed still looms. we’ll see after 2 weeks (our upcoming family beach trip).

i’m also looking forward to wearing my two piece suits again. hopefully by that time, my tummy has significantly decreased in flabby-ness. but hey,i’m still willing to risk it since this belly has held 3 precious kids for 9 months.

we’ll see how this goes. if this sacrifice goes well i may have to skip rice completely. 🙂

good luck to me!

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