it’s perfectly ok to make mistakes

day 26 of the 30 day blog challenge and a double post in 1 day

how do you explain to a child that it is ok to make mistakes? that from these mistakes, you become a better person? that mistakes are what makes us perfect?

i just got a message from my mom thru fb chat that k1, was low on self esteem. after their spelling drill and having difficulty in getting 2 words right, he blurted out that he was a loser, that he can’t get anything right.

it broke my heart to pieces.

on my part it felt like i did something wrong. that somewhere, i was the loser. i was crushed. but, i have to be the brave one, the one bearing the sunshine and happy thoughts. i’m just glad that mom was able to assure him that it was ok to make mistakes. that you don’t usually get things right the first time.

k1 and i will have another talk tomorrow morning before he goes to school. i think he needs all the self esteem boost not only from my mom but from me, his own mom. i’m the one assigned to make things better. and damn right i will make it better, for him. he may get the hard truth, but, he will for sure, understand. he’s smarter than what we think he is. all he needs is that loving assurance.

in retrospect, i wished my mom was like that to me when i was younger. i learned it the hard way and thru books.

A new challenge

this is my Day 1 of the 30 day blog challenge.

Everyday we face new challenges, whether from work or in life. today i accepted a challenge, to come up with daily blog entries for 30 days. i must admit, this is quite difficult for me since i don’t have the luxury of updating my blog on a daily basis. i may come up with excuses such as i don’t have daily content, i’m too preoccupied with work and the demands of my clients, i didn’t bring my camera to upload photos. the excuses are endless.

but i chose to aviod those. i must come up with content for my blog for this month.

and since day 1 begins today, i need your good vibes and happy thoughts to be able to finish this challenge. i’m sure there’s a lot to blog about especially how we run our household, raise our kids and life in general. it’s all a matter of time management and those precious pockets of time. instead of scrolling through my twitter or facebook feeds, why not allot 5-10 minutes in creating a new blog post?

and i say to this, challenge accepted.

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