snaps: school spirit

this photo was taken during k1’s family day. since hubby and i are couple reps for his section, all the kids of the couple reps were called on stage to sing the alma mater song.

and how smart is this boy to stay near the mic and sing his heart out.

that’s school spirit. even in pre school. 🙂


snaps: sharing is caring

this is what i treasure. days when they get along. 🙂

sharing is caring ❤


the downside of having kids aged 2 years apart is the constant bickering and fighting over toys. so this is a rare moment when they do get along.

crazy little toys

this is what’s making K1 crazy. 🙂

gogos crazy bones

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snaps: my funny little boys

day 20 of the 30 day blog challenge

my boys are seriously funny. let the photos tell their stories:

we watched toy story 3, ordered chips, popcorn and some potato wedges. he burned his tongue, as he was eager to eat. hence the face:

hot food!

i prepared spaghetti for the three for lunch. this little genius, didn’t like getting his shirt messy, so what he did:

his bib

not the usual bib. he even added clothespins!

his own version of planking, in reverse. and this is his usual hangout spot 🙂

reverse planking 🙂

looking for the perfect blazer

day 16 of the 30 day blog challenge

if you know me by now (ok that sounded like a song..) you would know that i adore men’s fashion on women or those androgynous fashion. and one of the things i adore are blazers! i’m currently on the lookout for the perfect tailored blazer that can go from formal to relaxed.

i have searched the net for some pegs and here are some of the looks that i love:

very relaxed. love the hair too!

very office attire. love it!

very weekend get up / PTA momma 🙂

so, what’s your favorite menswear attire?

up next, boat shoes! 🙂

discoveries: darla & alfalfa <3

day 13 of the 30 day blog challenge

i have online friends who are great in discovering online gems. and this is one of them.

i’m sure you remember them, right?

then and now

photo & blog credit: Darla & Alfalfa

then and now. has it been that long that these kids had grown up?

a rainy tuesday

day 2 of my 30 day blog challenge

it’s a blessing when you get to ride to the office with hubby on this rainy tuesday morning. 🙂 good thing he has a meeting near my office. at least i don’t get to go to work all wet and in a bad mood.

and it’s good to know that the kids are safe at home and having fun 🙂 (which i am dying of envy)

rainy window

photo credit: rainy days
visit the blog too for some rainy day ideas/goodies. now i’m craving for some champorado!
stay safe peeps! 🙂

home project: personalized bedroom wall/s

i’ve been jonesing for this project for our room. since the kids have been on a drawing and writing spree with paper and pens, why not take it to the next level to encourage their creativity.

inspiration: literally a blackboard wall

blackboard wall
photo credit here: Minh+Wass

or an option where i’d let them paint the wall of our room and immortalize their drawings forever.

snaps: family

our first family picture

our first ever family picture. where the kids were cooperative and yaya w in the background 😛

snaps: non traditional

not your usual couple’s toast in a wedding.

that’s how we roll. LOL!

bottoms up!

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